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606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace

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606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace




606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace, is an alley name created by a wealthy young man, Maynard Southwell. This alley was created in 2009, which is an alley that always makes criminals on the highway which initially only consisted of 5 people, namely Zidane Maulina, Charles Briht, Brexsley Harley, Samuel Nocker and Scott Marauder. 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace is an alley that always roams when the sun has set, and always uses a sports car with a high price. Now, these 5 members have become Maynard Southwell's right-hand man, due to the large number of members joining 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace, and the five people assigned to guide the new member members. New members have an age limit, have a sports car and also must know and must be proficient in driving so that one day it can be assigned to challenge racers in America. Many are willing to become slaves to join one of the members, and also many are imprisoned for being caught with various types of articles such as illegal racing, selling drugs, and even selling weapons. Not just anyone can be accepted by Maynard Southwell as a member, because the alley that he created and developed is not a gang that is free to publicize, because it is an illegal gangster who always makes criminal things on the highway such as robbery, workshop damage, and create traffic jams on the highway.




Starting in 2013, 606 EastSide Criminal Street Race always held wild racing in the middle of the night which was an illegal illegal racing action. Behind the wild racing event, many who buy and sell drugs and also weapons, free sex and also do streetfighter who bet sports cars. 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace has become one of the many targets of members of the American police force. Before holding the party, the core members and also Maynard Southwell, carried out a sports car robbery and had a robbery target. The target of 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace is, a car that has a high speed that can be used for racing. And behind the purpose of making the party is, to see the car that has the highest speed to be made the main target in the next car robbery, and the most enchanting car to be used as money for the needs of the alley. Many other sports car aisles, which are already controlled by 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace, and have great grudges because members of Maynard Southwell often rob sports cars and their victims are members of other sports car aisles. Many other gangs are trying to get revenge, but through wild racing and betting cars to take control of the beloved cars of 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace, and many also managed to win the bet.




In the absence of cars for 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace members, the core members along with Maynard Southwell, went to take over sports cars belonging to other gangster sports car members, by challenging them to race. 606 EastSide Criminal StreetRace always carries firearms to attack members, when they lose the race and steal some cars that they believe have high speed. After getting a few cars, 606 EastSide Criminal Street Race began a luxurious life, from robbery. And when they need something, they only need to sell illegal goods such as drugs and firearms to black people who want it.




Gang ini merupakan gangster seperti club club mobil, akan tetapi bukanlah kelompok legal. Gang ini bukanlah gangster berkulit hitam yang memiliki origin Amerika-Afrika, akan tetapi origin Amerika.



- Cari kami, dan bergabunglah secara In Character (IC)

- Paham rules server maupun forum.

- Gang ini mempunyai peraturan, dan harus ditaati.

- Harus saling menghormati sesama anggota.

- Gunakan character utama

- Jangan keseringan OOC

- Gunakan bahasa inggris atau indonesia (Usahakan inggris), dengan penggunaan EYD, dan kapital yang benar.

- Harus terima FCK (Bila diperlukan)

- Izin terlebih dahulu secara OOC, dengan cara PM forum ataupun whatsapp, sebelum gabung. (Whatsapp = Fast respon | Forum = Low Respon)


Whatsapp = 0822-6977-3548 || 0831-8680-8756

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