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Glenshark A-Gown

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         GlenShark A gathering place for mafia to smuggle illegal goods to their customers. This mafia has a tragic story and is difficult to forget for its members because this story has to do with their leader.


         Story :


          In the 80s the mafia was a reliable mafia in all fields, this mafia had men from members of the Los Santos city police force named Jeremy Geardy who served in Downtown. Jeremy as a foster child of this mafia boss because jeremy since childhood was fostered by a mafia boss named Michael Kristiansen, Michael including the son of the previous mafia boss therefore Michael became the boss in this mafia. Michael disguised himself as a lumberjack worker so that citizens would not be suspicious of him if he was the boss of the mafia not far from his members, he also did the same thing as Michael, who was an ordinary civilian, therefore this mafia did not know his identity.

           After 5 years of running the mafia made by Brigadier Jhonson and Colonel Frensin finally this mafia has subordinates or rather maids to be victimized when smuggling these weapons.
Members of the mafia were recruited by Colonel Frensin not a few, the mafia has members of more than 100 people, half of whom came from los santos after the Nazi war in ancient times. The mafia members were treated like maids and not cared of by Jhonson and Frensin both of them only enjoying the wealth they had earned, and one day the men who came from los santos planned to kill these two mafia leaders, Mic Stewart was the father of Michael Kristainsen who killed Brigadier Jhonson at night and Colonel Frensin was killed by a friend from Mic Stewart. The Mafia is now led by Mic Stewart for daring to kill the chairman.
Mic Stewart wants his members to move from Germany to Los Santos to secure their members and himself from the German state for killing German Brigadier and Colonel. After moving from Germany to Los Santos, they took a number of goods belonging to the German state, namely weapons and drugs, the items were not small in number and the German state went bankrupt because of its lost items. The passage of the mafia not long after Mic Stewart had the wife of a scavenger's son who was fed and given facilities by Mic Stewart, the daughter of the scavenger named Fercilia Virgani who is very very beautiful. Mic Stewart and Fercilia Virgani had a boy who was dreamed of by Mic Stewart, the boy named Michael Kristiansen. Mic Stewart hopes Michael can continue in his father's footsteps as a famous mafia.



          After Michael led this mafia 3 years there was a war between the mafia and the mafia, the war fought for the authority of the place occupied by the Mafia. Michael was very modern and Michael prepared bombs that had been ordered from Italy and other mobsters were bombarded by Michael when they were in a meeting for the next attack, the victims of the bombing Michael took many victims not only their mafia members but civilians were also bombed by Michael. The battle between the mafia and the mafia is won by Mafia Michael whose members are only 6 people left, but Michael doesn't want to be outdone by the others. Michael also conspired with members of the police force who were tempted by the fees Michael offered, so Michael used weapons from the Los Santos police to fight against other mobsters. The police member who was one of the members of Michael was paid quite a large amount from the salary of the police in Los Santos, which is a billion-dollar payment, Michael's mafia is now the strongest mobster in Los Santos because Michael can incite police members with so much money.


                    After Michael got what he wanted, Michael also invited his friends to join the mafia. One of them was Tom Olivier who as Mafia Manager Yee Xangyin for illegal goods smuggling and Hasna Hanifah to tease gangster members. Michael and his friends made a very cruel and cruel plan, the plan was to destroy all gang members in Los Santos and Michael took control of the city of Los Santos. Michael and his friends became increasingly after the attack on one of the gangsters in Los Santos that occurred during the day with so many troops that the police were defeated by Michael and his members. The police continued to call backups at the San Andreas Police Department because Michael's Mafia was growing in its members. The police were hunting Michael who was the head of the mafia. 6 years later Mafia Michael moved to a safer place, which is behind the hospital where the place is so safe for Mafia Michael to occupy.  After Michael's mafia moved to the back of Michael's hospital, he was free to trade illegal weapons and drugs. Michael is so quiet but in that quiet attitude Michael has a cruel soul towards people who have been harassing him so if there is anything like him or his members Michael tells one of his members to kill the person.





Crime Record


                  The crime of this mafia is to smuggle illegal goods that are very dangerous but are not known by members of the Los Santos police because this mafia has foster children of one of the Los Santos police officers.

Since this mafia group is held by Michael, the members of the mafia have been growing and increasing, but Michael does not just accept new members who deliberately come to their headquarters because Michael is afraid of contraband from the Los Santos Police.



Leader Mafia :


Mafia Head: Michael Kristiansen disguised as a woodcutter.
Mafia Manager: Tom Olivier who disguises himself as a restaurant employee.
Smuggling of goods: Yee Xangyin from China disguised herself as a mechanic.
Teaser buyer: Hasna hanifah disguised as a gang member.




                                                                OOC SECTION


Yang harus kamu ikuti !!

  • Kamu harus mengikuti semua peraturan di server ini.
  • Kurangi Troll di ingame.
  • Tanggung jawab atas apa yang kamu lakukan.
  • Dilarang menyalahgunakan /Pm.
  • Tidak di perlukan untuk CK'ED.
  • Mempunyai niat untuk beroleplay.
  • Jangan pada baper di group whatssapp
  • Kurangin penggunaan Capslock !
  • Kurangin penghinaan di Ingame !

Format untuk bergabung :

Nama IRL Silahkan jawab

Nama Ingame Silahkan Jawab

Sudah berapa lama bermain JG;RP ? Jawab jujur ya! Kami menghargai jika kamu menjawab jujur.

Berapa jam kamu bermain ? Silahkan Jawab

Level charcter ? Sebenarnya level gak masalah yang penting RP tapi jawab dulu deh hehe..

Nomer HP Silahkan isi nomer Hp kalian.

Facebook Jika mempunyai !

Alasan untuk bergabung ? Silahkan jawab.

Umur Ini di butuhkan sekali !! Minimal ; 16tahun !


       Untuk mengirim format ini kamu bisa memPM salah satu dari kami @lukmangg @Salmanyzz Dengan Subject [Glen] Firtsname Lastname 


                  Gallery of Delivery to Customer Illegal Firearm 





                                        GUIDE a Mafia


                       Guide Drive-By saat Persuit dengan Police



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Question And Answer


Q. Ini Faction apa ?

A. Ini adalah Faction yang Rpnya sebagai seorang Mafia.


Q. Apakah Rpnya berbahasa inggris ? 

A. Iya, kita sama-sama belajar saja dan kalau tidak tahu boleh memPM seseorang di Ingame.


Q. Ini Ras berkulit Hitam ?

A. Tidak lah, ini Ras berkulit Putih.


Q. Bagaimana cara bergabung dengan Faction ini ?

A. Gampang sekali, kalian tinggal memPM akun forum yang ada di atas dan menggunakan Format yang telah di sediakan.


Q. Ini kumpulnya dimana ?

A. Tolong cari secara IC.


Q. Ini Characternya harus level berapa ? 

A. Bebas level mah yang penting RPnya niat.


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GL boys keep it up !!

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