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  1. setelah penantian panjang @silvia1 wkwkwkkwk
  2. oh ini direktur pemuda Los Santos?
  3. setuju banget also big thanks to you, bro
  4. Farah Karimova Farah 'Nadezhda' Karimova is a girl born 9 October 2001 in St. Petersburg, Russia, she is the daughter of Emir Karim and Elina Nadezhda, her father who works as CEO in a well-known designer company, then her mother works as a receptionist in a cheap-hotel in Uzbekistan, her parents met at a cheap-hotel that Farah's mother works on, eventually her mother decided to resign due to she had to come with Emir, her father. Farah's mom resigned from her job when pregnant Farah, when she's born, her mother take care of her all the time. Farah is a child who is not good at socializing, she is an introvert and melancholy, but he is good at playing music and she is very fond of reading books. One day, when her father was called to Los Santos about the expansion of her father's company there, then the family decided to move to Los Santos in 2018. After that her family prepared to go to Los Santos, and at the time Farah was still 17 years old, she had just graduated from high school, her parents agreed to send her to Los Santos famous university there with a major in Philology, in accordance with her wishes. Then, during semester 5, both of her parents had to return to Russia but she had to finish her studies here, Farah started her own life in the city, but for money financial problems will be assissts and sent by her father. She grows to be an independent girl without having to be watched like a child anymore, her life in Los Santos begins. In Los Santos, she met many friends from the same country, they were Jane, Selaphine, Zasha and Sybilla, initially started when Farah went to the supermarket to buy food, she met with Sybilla and there was a brief chat between the two of them. From this conversation, Farah began to open her heart and began to interact with other people. During her graduation ceremony, her parents attended the ceremony to congratulate her, Farah decided to stay in Los Santos with her uncle, her friends Jane, Selaphine, Zasha and Sybilla. And the 4 of them plan to create an organization about learning Russian. They also intend to work together for the sake of establishing a company, whether it is in the form of restaurants, dealers or whatever. Now she live with her uncle in a house behind County General Hospital Farah's life in the city of Los Santos begins. Saya Demonsighs09 selaku pemilik account UCP scorpionking123 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Farah Karimova) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  5. Questions Tujuan membuat character story: Untuk mengakses fitur yang membutuhkan Character Story, dan sebagai Character Development Account UCP yang saya miliki: scorpionking123 Account Forum yang saya miliki: Demonsighs09 Berapa lama saya sudah main di JGRP: 2 tahun lebih Saya biasa main JGRP di: Hanya di rumah
  6. kalo masih belum j4g0 jangan sebut sebut tour br0 @Picek wakakakka
  7. saya ga parkir di depan HQ, tapi di dalam HQ.
  8. Character: Juan_Mendaz Waktu & Tanggal: 03/26/2020 Barang yang dibutuhkan: Sabre 3 asuransi 2 upgrade Saya membutuhkan refund karena: Saat saya sedang mulai patroli di SAPD HQ, tiba-tiba muncul notifikasi Sabre saya telah meledak. Sebelumnya saya memarkirkan Sabre saya di SAPD Central vehicle parking lot. Berikut adalah bukti yang berupa screenshot / video: Berikut adalah bukti chatlog:
  9. masa udah offi? @Vanice woy acil!
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