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    Keren keren.
  2. Character Name:Teodoro Garcia Origin: Mexico Story: Starts from his past, he was a bad boy who committed a lot of bad things during his time starts from the primary school until he became a high school students. Although due the bad things that he always did, he always care for his friends and mostly to his parents, always cheerful when he gathered with his family. He had a bad interaction with female back then, he's full of shyness when he encountering the girl that he likes, and doing some weird things just to make her interested. In the day he decided to confess his feeling toward her, he got rejected thus causing him felt desperate and didn't interact to anybody due to his fail, it also happened when he failed in doing something that he likes, took him about days to make him better again. Although he failed in something, he's really persistent to forget about the fail and start with the new one, and stubborn as usual. When he mostly encountering the things he likes, he always being persistent into it. However, after his father deceased, the sorrow almost completely filled his mind and desperate as he lose the one that he love and care about, thus drastically changed his attitude after the moment his father deceased, he never interacting with his friends anymore until he graduated from his high school. Few days later, the reason he has a trauma with S&W 500 was because his mother was killed by the robber using the exact revolver. Teodoro was with her mother in before the robber made a robbery at the general store. Both were used as a hostages and his mother was killed by the robber using the S&W 500. He collapsed and brought to the hospital after the incident. Decided to joined in The Mexican Mafia in the year of 2004, he always being a man full of plans before he along with his mates were sent to the field outside the custody. Pulling out Drive Bys, insertion points, exfil, executions, and time. He also fully cared to those who are or were close with him during his day in 10th until now on, he became the right hand of the Mexican Mafia so-called leader, Raul Saldivar Saya (Surenos13) bersedia jika character saya (Teodoro Garcia) dibanned account permanent karena copy-paste story
  3. Cikidaw!

    [SHR] Old School RIM PACK !

    Gua ga fail mungkin lu nge replace ban yang udah di mod ? atau lu ga replace veh ide nya?
  4. Cikidaw!

    [SHR] Old School RIM PACK !

    I'll share awesome mod for you all Check this out for preview: Check this out for link download:
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    [SHARE] Mod skins

    Update pz more hq and lq skins
  6. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    Liat file enb nya yang di zip cocokin trus delete yang di folder gta lu.. Crash mungkin spec nya gakuat soalnya ini enb high
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    Masked_Gas Video Alley

    Mengandung content dewasa nih ga bisa di buka
  8. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    Coba pake original gta3 yg di share dendi dulu...
  9. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    Replace yg lama dengan yang ini https://www.mediafire.com/?doviyholwh4tol2
  10. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    Gua pake engga kok...
  11. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    @Komse itu overhaul kek nya kom...
  12. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    Ifp dibilangin
  13. Cikidaw!

    [SHARE] Dizz Nicca's Modpack V2

    Maksud nya? .ifp ya sama replace pake alci ke gta3