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Pablo_Cozart [gangsta06]

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Character: Pablo_Cozart



Pablo " Bandman " Cozart




Quick Story of Pablo Cozart :

 Pablo Cozart born in Clayton County, Georgia, Atlanta at 02 November 1996. Pablo is lightskin Afro - Dominican male, before he landed in Los Santos with Daquan Cozart his brother from different mother he was grew up as a young brilliant kid in Clayton County that dominated with Afro - Dominican and Afro - American community as a Brim or blood set. In his early life Pablo live with his parents, his father is a drug addict and drug dealer also affiliated with Local Brim ( Blood Set ) NHB or Neighborhood Bloods set (YSL atlanta).


 Thats why Pablo usually using Bloods term even he is a Black Disciple former in Los Santos, and then when his father get charged for Armed Robbery and Murder charge and setenced for 27 years in United States of Penitentiary Atlanta his mother decide to bring Pablo and live together in small Project Housing around Idlewood, Crystal Garden area when he still 15 years old, Daquan Cozart is Pablo's young brother from different mother his father married with three baby mom. Daquan is born in Atlanta but already living in Los Santos first because his mother is originally from Idlewood Area, Pablo grew up in Ghetto neighborhood for almost 7 years and affiliated with Trey Block Neighborhood set. Pablo earnings is dominantly from Drug dealings, he selling Cocaine, Heroin and unprescibed drugs to feed his family and fullfill his drug addict habit.


 In early 2016 Pablo and his crew run his own drug ring in West Idlewood Lasalle Avenue, Pablo and Binks cooking cocaine and packing unprescibed anti depressant pills such as Xanax, Calmlet and Riklona. Pablo is hiring local members only to run or joining his drug bussiness because he only trust the family and local neighbors. He do it for his family to keep eating good and fullfill their life necessities.




Saya HOOD PRESIDENT selaku pemilik account UCP gangsta06 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Pablo_Cozart) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

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Saya telah mereview character story kamu dan menemukan bahwa story kamu sudah memenuhi kriteria yang kami berikan. Dengan itu kami telah ACCEPT character story yang kamu buat. Mohon ikuti panduan di bawah ini untuk mengaktifkan character story kamu:



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