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[CN] Andrew Collins to Danielo Delarosa (ExtonCrips424)

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Nama UCP: ExtonCrips424

Nama Character lama: Andrew Collins

Nama Character baru: Danielo Delarosa

Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: Mexico

Alasan penggantian nama:

Ingin bergabung dengan sebuah faction mexico yang ada di JGRP

Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity':







Bukti screenshot CK:










Story CK: 

One month ago, Andrew Collins buy some drugs / illegal drugs into one of the black skin name unknown. At that time Andrew Drug Sales asked to pay the price of these drugs one month later due to unfavorable economic Andrew. Drug sellers also agreed and said that he would kill Andrew if he does not pay for the next few months. One month has already exceeded but Andrew does not remember the debt that he must Pharma, he just smth satisfied in the room. Previous Andrew never leave his home address to the Pharmacy. Not unexpectedly, it comes to the Pharmacy Andrew room rates were at Ganton Ganton Apartment Complex next to the GYM. drug sellers also asked Andrew to pay their debts, but instead refused Andrew and ask the seller to pay for the medications tomorrow because she has no money at the time. drug sellers do not agree with the petition Andrew, he was immediately shot dead Andrew Collins.


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