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Exton Avenue Crips is a gang based in Jefferson Motel. The gang was created to portray the infamous street gang "Crips". The gang was created in 2012 and the original founders were Jamal Anderson and Leroy Winstan, both of the members already had ties with other petty street gangs in San Diego before they moved to Los Santos. More neighbourhood children were encouraged in these acts and formed the Exton Avenue Crips. The gang is most known to commit crimes such as Robbery, Theft, Grand Theft Auto, Rape, Murder and Drug trafficking. Still called , Exton Avenue Crips based at Jefferson Motel and surrounding areas. Currently under the leadership of Douglas Banks A.K.A Deunte.






Chapter 1 - It all begins here.



This is how shit went down in the hood. 1998, Exton Avenue. Niggas were crawlin' the hood like no ones business, we grew up together, we fought together and we looked out for each other, the hood was a big family. We controlled Jefferson and it's niggas. 12/04/2001, O.G Duante was at the front of his yard, washing his whip when out of no where, three big up breasted chicks walked past, catchin' Dee's eye, he got distracted. Before we knew it a Buritto pulled up, three Mexicans down from El Corona jumped out and shot nigga' Dee' down on the spot. Them bitches split and left me alive. Next thing I know I'm stuffed in the back of a police car, cuffed and duffed. Ten years... nigga real talk, I never shot my boy.

2006 In Los Santos pen, half way through my 10 years, I stumbled across three niggas, three lonely ass niggas. Psh, I never knew them three niggas would end up to be homies from back in the day. Drake, Andrew Collins A.K.A Eric and Eazy Monclair A.K.A B . What can I say? we kept each other alive throughout our pen sentence. We got out early on parole, can you believe that nigga'? We arrived back at the hood, only to find motherfuckin' Messicunts crawlin' round the hood! The same niggas that took Dee' away from us. It's time for revenge homie, us niggas aren't around to be walked over, y'feel. We're back, and we ain' goin' no where this time.

In at Jefferson Motel, us niggas bought the place out!, we needed to start getting the greenery together. I know what you're thinkin', no nigga', not the puff. I'm talkin' 'bout the paper. Realizin' we had nigga Dee's contacts, we managed to get us niggas a foundation to build on. Seven hundred baggies of the blue cheese, and five AK-47's.The shit went out the window like no ones business!, business was rolling, our profits were building and building, now us niggas have enough to take back what is rightfully ours, and that we shall. No more fuckin' around niggas we're goin' for it this time.




1. Follow the server & gang rules at all times. Failure to do so may result in an CK or report.

2. Usage of /b and any other forms of OOC communication in-game during roleplay should be kept to a minimum unless it's absolutely necessary. Excessive use will be noted and may result in a CK.

3. Always show respect towards other faction members and outsiders. We want to keep a positive influence going on around the faction and the people around us. 

4. You must show some form of activity when members are online, and maintain a good standard of roleplay without trolling.

5. Do not whine, cry, or accuse other people/factions if things don't go your way. If you have a problem or think someone has broken a rule, simply report them.

6. Always roleplay realistically, failure to do so will most definitely result in a CK.

7. We reserve the right to CK anyone for any reason we see fit upon joining our faction.

8. Knowledge of Crips is a must, please do some research.
All recruitment is done completely in-character. Do not randomly come up to us asking can you join. Instead, hang around us and maybe introduce yourself. From there your friendship and trust will grow within the faction and you'll be on your way to becoming a member. Do not roleplay being an Insiders cousin... that would be frowned apon and won't get you no where, trying to cheat your way through the ranks via any means will result in a CK.

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