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R.o.D 48st Willowfield

McCartney's -Dhelz-

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The R.o.D 48st Willowfield is based street gangs and appeared in 2001 at South Playa de Seville, Willowfield. Cartney is O.G here. They quickly became known as a gruesome and ruthless gang for their countless robberies and stabbings throughout the city. But regularly engaging in drug and weapon trafficking. A few years ago, Rex and Cartney is be bigboss on Las Colinas, with 5000 - 10.000 members. Another member is coming and be outsider here. R.o.D is known to sell many weapon, crack, pot, cocaine, and make trouble at San Andreas. Robberies, kidnapping, police chase, always be here.




A few years later at Las Colinas, half of member R.o.D was killed. Now, the members is just maybe 5000. O. G Cartney now found location at Willowfield before African-American gangster was killed by R.o.D here. The R.o.D members is grown up now maybe 7000 members. R.o.D stay sell weapon, drugs, and do robberies. O.G Cartney with another members, start a new criminal day here. Assian gangster is alliance R.o.D. They always make trouble at Willowfield, and make R.o.D member angry. R.o.D will give respect to someone if he/she coming bring respect too. They stay at Willowfield to sell stuff with many alliace at Los Santos



- Respect to each other, helper, and administrator.

- Follow the server rules

- Faction jumper isn't allowed here.

- May we allow to CK you

- Mari belajar bahasa Inggris bersama, utamakan baca guide terlebih dahulu.


Credits: dhel, translator

Mohon maaf kalo ada kesalahan, biarkan newbie berkarya.

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