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E/S Black Disciples


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The Black Disciples gang is a group that is in the city of Los Santos precisely Eastside section made by three young men named Jeevan, Cole and Wellington. The Black Disciples are gangsters who often make the city crime such as robbery, extortion, homicide, drug trafficking and the battle between gangsters. Gang members use their identical black color and has a black skin as well.
Members - their gang members often roam the area of East Los Santos because it is their territory.

Tate is a Chairman of The Black Disciples and full name Jeevan Ton Boye and assisted by his colleague Cole and Wellington. They set up the gang for two years but members - more and more of their members. But many are also the bad side of The Black Disciples members - many of their members were arrested by the police for a variety of legal issues.

Tate did not understand because its members continue to diminish him keep running the activity area of the East Los Santos even though their members are not many. They also take a lot of children - children who have been separated from their parents or children - children who are displaced to be wicked and ordered to smoking, drugs and pilfer.

Over the years members - members of The Black Disciples nothing new came out of prison and others. They regrouped in the Black Disciples Jeevan, Cole and Wellington welcomed them with joy, members - those members also greatly feared in the city of Los Santos in the eastern part because their members are famous sadistic and not know love.

Until now The Black Discliples still survive and often create problems in the eastern part of Los Santos precisely in the area of East Los Santos until now so as to make people - people who are there areas disturbed and afraid activities as usual. And also they've known gang Los Santos Police Department because it has a lot of reports about them.

They also have a distinctive emblem of the letter 'D' and 'B' which they often use to show it and it is Black and D it is Discliples. Their clothes and clothes often wear a shirt and jeans and short and identical with black.





-Recommended for the main character.

-Join us mean we allowed to CK you

-Not accepted jumper faction here.

-Join creative.

-Respect JGRP admin and fellow player.








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