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24th Uptown Block


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24th Uptown Block is an primarily though not exclusively African-American gang seen operating in the Ganton projects. They were founded in Los Santos,Los Santos in the 2015 by Wiig Cosgrove and was then supported by his friend William Bradley. It started just as a drug connection but later on they claimed Ganton as their own turf and became a street gang.
Uptown are one of the most known gang around Ganton. They are considered to be very violent and dangerous to approach. The gang is known to be involved in murders, robberies, and drug dealing, among many other criminal pursuits. Specially drug dealing, this gang mostly focuses on the distribution of Marijuana and cocaine with other narcotics aswell. Ganton and other areas around the complexes have been filled with Uptown's affiliated graffiti and it can clearly be seen, however, it has led to a introduction of a casefile against the gang.


Gang members of this gang has their own
However this practice has waned due to police crackdowns on gang members. If the gang's color is disrespected by any un-affiliated gang member or a participant who not jumped in, if seen being ragged with the color brown, gets a beating. Tattoos are also common identifiers for this gang aswell, affiliated members might be seen tattooed with an '24th', 'U' or a 3 pointed crown, to represent Uptown.



Identifications for the gang are many more, including hand signs and Unique gang affiliated greets.
The gang members can be throwing specific gang signs to honor their set, they can be seen stacking up an 'U' to the affiliated Uptown or a 'K' to the specific Uptown Block' affiliated. Slang, uniquely used by almost every gang, is used here aswell. The LSPD do not got much information but the affiliated members calls each others as 'Uptown'. However, their might be more. This gang does not got a specific hairstyle, but most members have been seen with Short waves or dreadlocks. Jewelry, is also one of the idenfication of the Uptown' gang, Specifically seen in Uptown Block, they wears silver chains with a Locket saying 'U' for 'Uptown'. Some people have been seen wearing silver bracelet and rings with a 'U' aswell.




  • Should join the Main Character.
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