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Barzini Crime Network


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The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its loyalty to each other.” ― Mario Puzo



Santino Barzini

Santino Barzini is an Italian-born Mafia figure who became the head of the Los Santos-based The Barzini Network.



Santino Barzini was born in Italy on August 22, 1990, and immigrated to Los Santos City in 2001. He began running with local gangs soon after, no longer after he got up his big name, he created an Italian-American gang and worked his way into organized crime under Stephen "The Boss" Molfetta. In 2014, Joe Luciano and Lucky Luciano known as Joe’s old brother and also boss of one of crime families in Los Santos assassinated both by his rival, Stephen Molfetta. Once the pair reached the top of the organization, federal authorities took interest, and  fled the country for Italy to avoid a murder charge.


Upon his return to the United States at the end of Economy Crissis, Salerno re-established his power, but was eventually taken down on tax charges. Barzini knew if the family raising up again, he would under control by Salerno and decided to kill Stephen Molfetta and he succeed to taked a control of the family and his passion to create a better and most influential family. He changed the name of the family to the better one, proud and honored to using “Barzini” on the Outfit. Molfetta died in his car after he got two bullets in his head by Barzini.


Early Years



Santino Barzini was born on August 22, 1990, in Sicily, Italy, and immigrated to Los Santos City in 2001. Los Santos, the city that is confusing and hard to know. In there, Barzini had a little house. Exactly, that wasn’t a house that was a trailer at Las Colinas owner by his mother before she immigrated to Italy. His family was broken down, and Barzini soon began hanging out with local gangs, running errands for mob members. He eventually fell in with Stephen “The Boss” Molfetta, alongside future mob bigwig Lucky Luciano, whom Molfetta had met a few years earlier.


In 2003, Barzini was set up to commit his first murder, and the victim would be Gaetano Reina, a murder of his father and mother. Barzini shot Reina in the back of the head.


The Job

After a long time, Barzini decided to work as trucker. He earned the flatbed truck with white color from his best friend. Barzini became medium-wealth-people after his job succeed. One day, he met his old friend from Italy and asked something to Barzini for created a group. Barzini accepted the deal, the group known as “Barzini Network”. The group role was Italian-American-based and their behavior approuching as Italian mafioso as traditionally. But, this group isn’t high-class or something luxury than as mobster commonly. Just a poor group with mafioso sense.



The Beginning



In early 2004, the Bulldog gang hijacked truckloads of illegal liquor from a competing gang led by Stephen “The Boss” Molfetta. The hijacking touched off a full out war known as the Bulldog War. The Bulldog, led by Lucky Luciano wanted to take over all the illegal action in Los Santos. He led the gang in a fearless attack against the less organized Molfetta family by uniting with other top mobsters in the city. Soon he had Kenny Salerno, Carmine Galante, and Joseph Profaci in his corner and recruited a Molfetta ally, Luther Gotti to join them. Together, they were unstoppable and after Gotti’s murder in February 2005, several members of the Molfetta family switched sides to Luciano. By 2005, other top mobsters all joined Molfetta’s empire known as The Salerno. On April 15, 2005 Luciano men murdered one of Salerno’s made-men and ended the Bulldog War.


After Luciano’s death, Molfetta wasted little time declaring himself Boss of Bosses and outlined a peace plan to all the Sicilian and Italian Mafia leaders throughout the United States. The Bulldog touched their golden era, Lucky the leader. As Lucky was the leader, The Bulldog was untouchable and most dangerous street-gang with their pleasure by Italian-American-based. Molfetta got his angry and decided to kill Lucky’s gang and his all-members. Barzini knew the problem and he draged himself to joining Molfetta’s family and decided payback. But now, the Bulldog just a name of fools member. They have been gone.


Barzini’s First Game

He is unpredictable guy about his planning and what his thinking, no one can read his mind. He said no one. Now, he was newcomer in Molfetta’s family or usually people calls The Salerno. He adhered his father’s soul and his thinking as he knew a lot. Barzini composed the systems, the ways, the facilities, the cultures of the sicilian’s tradition. After long time passed, the Salerno grew up and Molfetta has forgotten his promises to build up and expanding the family. He already collapsed and stumbled down to the cliff.


Molfetta has changed, Barzini has comprehended Molfetta’s mind since Molfetta’s cousins in Sicily killed by the cop. Barzini disobeyed family culture while he planned to kill Molfetta soon. His passion to kill Molfetta succeed, Molfetta dead on Barzini’s hand. Molfetta was a charismatic man and cold-faced but his passion to expanding the family was so big and effected to the family hardly. Barzini moved from Salerno because much terrible in the family, eventually Salerno has gone and Barzini decided to surfing his life as common as a trucker.



First Era



Barzini took his passion for lead this faction, he planned the family as well. Just himself started the new era, nobody offered some help to him. Molfetta’s associates or his made-men has gone same to the Lucero gang’s member. But, one day he met old friend just call him Brian and brother Ethan. They are American, and want to helping Barzini. Why not to accepted them? Barzini accepted with all of his pleasure. Their first criminal was ilegal-gambling. Barzini and Brian cought by CCTV’s at the motel.





Server knowledge is essential. Recognize that this is 2014 (Modern era), know your capabilities but also your boundaries and act as if you would in a real life situation of being a mafia.
Be active in game and on the forums.
Post screenshots of your role-play regularly in the IC panel.
It's not easy swallowing your pride, regardless you are recommended to NOT argue with admins whatso ever.
You are not allowed to post screenshots without my approval (Zap)
Concerning language, it is likely that all tribe members who stick around for a few years ICly will have learnt to speak English in order to communicate, and a deal of new associates as well. Do not speak foreign language for things that we don't understand definitely would not have said, that is what San Andreas stands for. Primarily, we should communicate in English within the family, not Italian.
Be aware that we are a very close crime group/network. If you find yourself to be killed and shit there might be a strong reason behind it, we are not unreasonable; you will not be killed unless you prove to be an obstacle. This isn't a faction where we will be DMing anyone that comes pass the limit; unless you approach our standards directly we won't be very interested in you, as we will let you to get approach by your own way.
If you can't create your own roleplay and develop your character then don't bother joining, I can honestly tell you that we are selective.
If you're OOC missconduct then we will correct that out, don't get overzealous.
Everybody worths same infront of my eyes.
This faction reserves a right to CK any affliated members, anytime anywhere
You are NOT allowed to KILL the other member who has higher rank than you,
It's recommended you do not argue with higher ranks. Doing so could result in a dispute and you being demoted or CK'd
TSCN potrays a modern organized crime network within the time being, you are strongly suggested to RPing as an American/Italian, TSCN applies roleplay atmosphere as real as we could. We are NOT a group of savages that usually robbing and taking up wars into our hands, yes we aren't.
You better knowing the difference between IC and OOC, if you we treating you so bad ICly, doesn't mean we hate you OOCly.
Hangaround when we're not around, create your own roleplay and be creative of anything.
Credits : Wikipedia, Fermosa of crated the family bylaws, and Zap himself.
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