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[REFUND] Tommy_Banks ( Uang 35.000 )


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Character: Tommy_Banks

Waktu & Tanggal: 05/18/23

Barang yang dibutuhkan: Uang 35.000

Saya membutuhkan refund karena:

Saya terkena scam saat ingin membeli Property.

Berikut adalah bukti yang berupa screenshot / video:



Berikut adalah bukti chatlog:


[15:48:16] Fredrick Wilson says: halo pak
[15:48:20] Fredrick Wilson says: bapak yang mau beli flat?
[15:48:21] Tommy Banks says: Halo.
[15:48:24] Tommy Banks says: Iya betul
[15:48:30] * Fredrick Wilson menjabat tangan tommy
[15:48:41] Fredrick Wilson says: gimana pak apakah minat?
[15:48:51] Tommy Banks says: Iya saya minat
[15:48:58] Fredrick Wilson says: oke mau langsung?
[15:49:01] {FF0000}Ad: {33AA33}[FIND] Kendaraan Hauling Dana k
[15:49:01] {FF0000}Contact Info: [{33AA33}Buddy Nelson{FF0000}] Phone Number: [{33AA33}1900050{FF0000}]
[15:49:14] Tommy Banks says: Oke langsung aja
[15:49:19] Fredrick Wilson says: baik mari
[15:49:34] Tommy Banks says: Saya transfer aja ya
[15:49:37] Fredrick Wilson says: siap
[15:49:45] Reason: AFK [Reported]
[15:49:45] AdmCmd: Alex_Christe has been kicked by serendipity.
[15:49:49] Tommy Banks says: No rekening nya?
[15:49:53] Fredrick Wilson says: 8726511
[15:50:04] {FF0000}Ad: {33AA33}[Trade] Sanchez 1insu 1up trade to Rancher/Huntley saya nambah
[15:50:04] {FF0000}Contact Info: [{33AA33}Russel Gustavo{FF0000}] Phone Number: [{33AA33}7107{FF0000}]
[15:50:24] AME: {C2A2DA}transferring some of his money to the seller account
[15:50:45] BANK: {FFFFFF}You've transfered {00FF00},000.00 {FFFFFF}to {FFFF00}Fredrick Wilson
[15:50:48] BANK: {FFFFFF}You've transfered {00FF00},000.00 {FFFFFF}to {FFFF00}Fredrick Wilson
[15:50:52] BANK: {FFFFFF}You've transfered {00FF00},000.00 {FFFFFF}to {FFFF00}Fredrick Wilson
[15:51:07] {FF0000}Ad: {33AA33}[FIND] Comet, no stiker, any condition
[15:51:07] {FF0000}Contact Info: [{33AA33}Roddy Boston{FF0000}] Phone Number: [{33AA33}9253{FF0000}]
[15:51:13] Tommy Banks says: Tolong di cek pak.
[15:51:20] Fredrick Wilson says: kurang 10 lagi pak
[15:51:22] Fredrick Wilson says: tadi 35 kan?
[15:51:23] INFO: {ffff00}You can now start fishing again!
[15:51:28] Tommy Banks says: Oh iya
[15:51:32] Fredrick Wilson says: hehe
[15:51:57] AME: {C2A2DA}transferring some of his money to the seller account
[15:52:01] BANK: {FFFFFF}You've transfered {00FF00},000.00 {FFFFFF}to {FFFF00}Fredrick Wilson
[15:52:11] {FF0000}Ad: {33AA33}[SELL] Rumah 2 ruangan Full Fnd | Lok FortCarson Alamat Argyle No 2 di GPS | Lahan luas |
[15:52:11] {FF0000}Contact Info: [{33AA33}Dario Santacruz{FF0000}] Phone Number: [{33AA33}9993249{FF0000}]
[15:52:13] Fredrick Wilson says: oke masuk
[15:52:18] Fredrick Wilson says: mari
[15:52:36] AdmCmd: carl_maccer has been kicked by serendipity.
[15:52:36] Reason: perbaiki format Firstname_Lastname
[15:53:01] * Fredrick Wilson memberikan flat beserta surat surat dan kunci kepada Tommy
[15:53:12] * Tommy Banks menerima surat dan kunci property dengan tangan kanan
[15:53:14] {FF0000}Ad: {33AA33}[SELL]Sultan 3insu 4up Fullmodift,Stiker Paintjob,Keren|Hub:
[15:53:14] {FF0000}Contact Info: [{33AA33}Jones Cliff{FF0000}] Phone Number: [{33AA33}566866{FF0000}]
[15:53:16] SERVER: {FF0000}Fredrick Wilson {FFFF00}has left the server. (Disconnected)
[15:54:17] {FF0000}Ad: {33AA33}[S/T] Freeaway 3 insu 1 up harga 1k|trade tohama siap nambah
[15:54:17] {FF0000}Contact Info: [{33AA33}Trayone Emmanuel{FF0000}] Phone Number: [{33AA33}9119177{FF0000}]


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