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Lopazra Motorcycle Club - Chapter 1 : Rock n Denim


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Lopazra Motorcycle Club.

is a one-percenter motorcycle club based on the El Quebrados, Tierra  Robada. A group that aims to establish a big name and get revenge.

The majority of this group consists of teenagers to adults ranging from 21-30 years old with several records of problems with the police.






This club comes from a place that is far from where people usually interact and socialize, because this club really doesn't want to be known identity by the public. A group formed from a small circle of people who are the same, namely tinkering with their motorbikes or someone else's. A desert area without any prosperity the group chose to become criminals. Lopez, the man who committed the first crime on the inside his inner circle, he is one of the biggest drug dealers in the desert area, he is also one of the most connected people the biggest criminal in the group. Lopez has very high ambitions to change the lifestyle of his group, so he needs to step up his illegal game. Start from gold shop theft, to being a hit man, and in the liquor business. The local police got some info on Lopez, they everyone is looking for Lopez's whereabouts but because Lopez is protected by his community, so far he has survived.

MUERTOS.pngOnce Lopez had a good idea to hide his illegal business, some of the club members could play rock music. Lopez finally had the idea to open a rock music exhibition every week to cover up his illegal business, but Lopez and his member couldn't find any places that suitable for carrying out their rock music . Apart from rock music Lopez too keeping a small repair shop open for his club member's vehicles. Lopez's plans for rock music went pretty smoothly but they all got reprimanded because of the rock music they were supposed to use clothes that go with rock. Finally, Lopez racked her brains to find clothes that fit rock music but didn't lose her image motorcycle club. One day, Lopez saw a denim clothing store that had just opened near her area. He decided to visit the store and found some denim outfits that match her rock style. Lopez decided to buy a new denim jacket and jeans, which would be her signature outfit when performing on stage. In his new denim jacket and jeans, Lopez became more convinced of his good and bad plans about this motorcycle club. He continues to do his evil actions were hidden behind his rock music actions, until now the Lopazra Motorcycle Club is known for its denim and jeans style. After a year riding with boring activities, Lopez starting renovate the clubhouse with adding a studio, bar, and family's meeting room inside the clubhouse. After the clubhouse's bussiness was done, Lopez now focusing the club for entering and  seizing up another area on Tierra Robada. Lopez, Bare and some of Lopazra's member is un-defeatable while seizing up all oftoko_baju.png Tierra Robada areas, they are strengthened by mentality, weaponry and with no fear making the Tierra Robada areas was full of bloods. Lopazra own all of the Tierra Robada areas. Including the Las Barancas, Lopez ordering his subordinates to disseminate their illegal bussiness around the Las Barancas. Years was passed, Lopez had an idea to open up some legal bussiness since their drugs transaction was sniffed by the polices. Lopez and his Secretary have an idea to built up an Denim and Jeans store following their street style, using Denim and Jeans vest. A month after the plan was talked about, Lopez employ his Prospects to built an clothes store near from the clubhouse, months was passed finally 'Tienda de Melzclilla' has arrived as their another legal bussiness. Now the club is focusing themself to the clothes store. So far all of the bussiness was going great. Saturday - 15 April 2023 Couple years was passed, the club's business just doing great in time. One day, one of the Prospect of the club get trapped with another Motorclub's member with Red County patch on their vest trapped Joaquin and cutting his Prospect patch, Onez one of Lopez's righ-hand man clearly saw what just happened with Joaquin. A day after that incident, Onez provide the recent information to Lopez. Lopez had an idea to discuss the thing with the Caspian MC and dealing with them. and leave their El Quebrados Clubhouse, but 'The Vista' still available as it was. Now Lopez and the club changing their Patch, Logo and their charter. For now, the club is not inside any beef and clear from active charge.the_vista.pngAfter a couple weeks the clubhouse was exposed, Lopez and his new crew had an idea to move themself to Las Payadas. Lopez and their new crew starts opening an new temporary dining area with a good view. Lopez named the place as 'Vista'. After the discuss with the club on 'The Table', Lopez employ their Procie to built up the place and publishing the place on the advertisement. In the 2 weeks past the Vista is doing great at it seems. Also Lopez and the club isn't using their vest as they s tood at The Vista. A couple years after all of the business was ruined causes of club war and the highranks was executed, Lopez and the club had to move themself to nowhere. And after the discuss on 'The Table' Lopez and the Vice President of the club make a vote for the suitable places to built the new clubhouse. And finally they're moving themself to Market which is in Los Santos. Lopez and the club choose to updatesamp_12_05_2023_14_08_08.png their legal and illegal activities to inside the Los Santos. Lopez and the club thinks they could built the club business more successful now. But what they're was expecting is not what its looks like. The Red County MCs still trying to ruin the club's business. Once Lopez and the club was trapped by the Red County MCs, the club was exposed to the police becauseof the Red County MCs still trying to ruin the club business, Lopez and the club had to do shoot fire agaisnt the police, and the end the club is loosing the match agaisnt the police and ended inside the San Andreas Correctional Facility. After the club was released from the San Andreas Correntional Facility, Lopez and the club choose to move themself to Los Santos. After a couple of weeks after the club was moved to Los Santos, some of the negros around the Idlewood offering the Vice President of Lopazra MC for the club main need, namely Cocaine. After the deal with them, Lopez have to wait first, patiently Lopez finally can feel the west product. After that, Lopez finally opened his mind and start having a good relationship with those niggers

Q : Bang ini fam apa? Cara joinnya gimana?
A : Ini Motorcycleclub, atau Klub Motor yang menggunakan Freeway & Wayfarer sebagai kendaraan utamanya. Sebelum join ada baiknya membaca Guide yang sudah ditampilkan dibawah informasi/FAQ ini.


Q : Saya bahasa inggrisnya masih kurang bang, tetep bisa join?
A : Selagi mengerti roleplay menjadi anggota motorclub, pasti lama lama akan terbiasa, kami  juga sembari belajar disini, jadi gaada pembatasan bahasa disini.


Q : Bang saya masih level segini, segitu bisa gabung ga?

A: Gapeduli level kamu berapa, selama masih mematuhi & mengerti aturan server dan aturan dari fraksi ini ya tidak apa apa.

Q : Bang saya originnya dari Asia/Eropa bang bisa join ga?
A : Waduh gabisa dulu, kita menerima semua ras kecuali Asian, African - American dan European. Selain dari yang disebutkan itu diperbolehkan.

Q : Yaudah bang, saya sudah baca Guide dan cara menjadi anggota MC yang baik dan benar. Approachnya gimana?
A : Silahkan PM forum 
@Creshz. Atau kalian bisa join official discord kami :  KLIK DISINI!














Credits goes to :
@Creshz - Story maker & Pictures
@Danangbayu - Grammar Corrections
@Apri Yansyah - Modder
All members of Lopazra MC!


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