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[CN] Pearce_Hopkins

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Old Name: Pearce_Hopkins
New Name: Carolus_Milosovici
Origin: Los Santos, United States
Screenshot Charity:








Pearce Hopkins was an officer of San Andreas Sheriff's Department, he has a family with two children. Now he is unemployment. One day, Pearce is dating with his mistress, names Marzia. Pearce doesn't know Marzia's relationship status, he think Marzia is available. After they have finished the dinner and willing to go to Marzia's house, someone blockade them. The mysterious man admitted knowing Marzia. A fight happened, but finished by the mysterious man's surrendered. After Pearce had place Marzia back to her crib, Pearce got way to go home. Obviously, the mysterious man with his mate has followed Pearce since he alone. Under the traffic light, Pearce stopped and noticed a white car stopped on his left. Pearce recognized the men, one of them was the man whos had a fight with him. The man shooted Pearce in close distance with a Remmington .370. Pearce died, SAMD and SASD came and cleaned up the mess.

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Meet with a Level 4 Administrator or so IG for NC, locked.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.