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[CN] Sebastian_Raul to Cisneros_Bermudez (DamnILoveJogja)


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Nama UCP: DamnILoveJogja

Nama Character lama: Sebastian_Raul

Nama Character baru: Cisneros_Bermudez

Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: Mexico

Alasan penggantian nama:

End of story In Character from Sebastian "Goaty" Raul. Want to create a new roleplay storyline with new nickname character.

Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity':





Screenshot My Property:sa-mp-078.png


Screenshot In-Game level:



Screenshot Jail OOC:




Bukti screenshot CK:




     After Raul's return from Tampico a few days earlier, he received news that Lacra del Puentes member had died. Raul confirmed the incident to the people around him, and it turned out that it was true. In a criminal case, Raul's family and friends in Jefferson have been killed by the police surrounding the Jefferson Motel and caused quite a concern.

     On Saturday, Raul returned to Jefferson to see his business's condition, namely the Huertas Cigarillos. Unfortunately, at that time, two detectives from the police were investigating the shop. The two policemen there gave instructions to Raul to take a moment to talk to the policeman. But Raul refused this by leaving the place, and at the same time, when Raul left the area, it turned out that the police were chasing him. The two detectives know its characteristics that it is Sebastian Raul, where he was a fugitive who went missing during the previous big incident.

     Detectives carry out the chase with the help of several police units. Quite a lot of police were involved at the time of the pursuit. The incident culminated in the Fort Carson area with a shootout, but Raul survived the incident and was caught. After undergoing treatment at the County General Hospital, the police and detective Tyrone Williams picked him up to be taken to the detective's office.

     Detective took an hour of questions to get more information about the Lacra del Puentes alley. Raul had received several punches and kicks from the detective. However, Raul still did not give the detective accurate information until they decided to take Raul to a lonely place to be executed. The detective was very sure Sebastian Raul was the right-hand man of El Milo alias Murillo Candelaria. Raul tried to escape during the execution but failed because the two detectives immediately fired a shot right in the head. And in the end, Raul died at the hands of the two detectives.

























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