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SCALA el clásico | Season 1 : waste of money for an old machine


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SCALA el clásico is a classic car community located in Jefferson, a community of classic car lovers that accepts a wide variety of races. The formation of this community started with three people who have the same hobby, namely collecting classic cars. One time, one of the three of them had an idea, namely to form a classic car community to develop classic cars so that they don't just go extinct. Indeed, for people who don't like classic cars, classic cars look like old, rusty, and trashy cars. Even though you don't know how cool it is. Some categorize classic cars which are marked with the age of the car at least 20 years and not more than 40 years.


Classic cars also have a fairly high price, for example

1. Bugatti Royale Berline De Voyager 1931


The Bugatti Type 41 or Bugatti Royale is one of the most luxurious cars ever made in the 1920s to the 1930s. The engine is configured with an 8-cylinder 12,700 cc 300 hp. Now, the price of this car reaches USD 15,161 million or Rp.208 billion.



2. Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster 1936


Being the most beautiful and most luxurious car of its time, the current price of the Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster is around USD13,108 million or IDR 179 billion. Equipped with a 180 hp 5,400 cc 8-cylinder supercharger engine, this car has a top speed of 177 km / hr.



3. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider Type 1961



This car was last auctioned in 2015 at a super fantastic price. Initially this car was not maintained by the owner and was neglected in a warehouse. But who would have thought that this California Ferrari 250 GT SWB would sell for $ 18.5 million USD or around 259 billion rupiah. This price was obtained at an auction in Paris.


      1 year of its establishment SCALA has achieved the goal of gathering classic car lovers. Now the number of members of this community is more than 300 people from various cities. Every time we gather, we gather at our place or basecamp in Jefferson to modify, check machines, or just chat there. Sometimes we are all willing to spend money to buy a car because we do not value it as long as we own the car. For whatever hobby we do.



"Money can be earned but happiness cannot be bought with money"





- Respect terhadap sesama player

- Dilarang melanggar semua rules yang ada di JGRP

- Dilarang rasis 

- Dilarang ngeretard/Rusuh 

- Dilarang keras War setiap saat

- kurangi penggunaan WT kecuali saat genting

- Dilarang menggunakan program ilegal / cheat

- Kami menggunakan WA untuk komunikasi OOC supaya lebih dekat lagi hubungannya

- Dilarang keras Metagaming

- Dilarang keras /b saat roleplya masih berjalan

- Fam ini bersifat Ilegal


(( Jika Larangan yang di atas di langgar akan di berikan Point 10 setiap pelanggarannya jika poinnya sudah 100 akan di kick dari Fam ini ))


Q and A

Q: Fam ini menerima ras apa?

A: Ras apa aja kami terima


Q: Saya pecinta mobil balap apakah bisa masuk?

A: Bisa tapi tidak akan dianggap insider hanya outsider aja atau dibilang teman tongkrongan aja


Q: Kalau mau masuk ke fam ini harus punya mobil klasik kah?

A: iya, kalau masuk fam ini kan berarti kalian itu pecinta klasik. Masa masuk komunitas mobil klasik tapi gak suka mobil klasik


Q: Kalau mau masuk harus kemana ?

A: semua recruitment dilakukan secara IC untuk menghindari metagaming










Info yang saya dapatkan tentang 3 mobil klasik yang diatas yaitu di: - https://oto.cekkembali.com/mobil/mobil-klasik-termahal-di-dunia/

                                                                                                                          - https://www.otosia.com/berita/simak-10-mobil-klasik-termahal-di-dunia.html

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