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116th Ganton Alleway

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                                                              116th Ganton Alleway 



116th Ganton Alleway is an association of criminals in Los Santos, Yes it's clear from the name 116 Ganton Alleway is "Gangster" located in Ganton. Most of the members of this association are quite well-known killers and get the title of person sought after in the City the association was expanded by two fugitives, Brian Edmound and Taevion Banks, he was both a arms dealer and also cocaine, his name was quite well-known among Gangstar Los Santos and there was a myth that anyone who had captured him would be given as much as $50,000. Gangstar is quite famous in Los Santos and accepting calls from others is "Crips" because of the ferocity that can get rid of many other Gangstar in their own way which until now has not been known by the public. Gangstar is based on black skin with African-American race, and some of his members hated people with white race for their own reasons

  5dwyE3a.pngBrian Edmound.                                                                                                                      

Brian Edmound have a sister who has a long experience in his illegal business namely Bryant Whasinggton, Brian Edmound began to notice his brother from he was 10 years old and from there he began to study it, Brian Edmound since birth was not taken care of by his parents because of his family fight. With this incident, when he was 14 years old he went to look for a new life on his own, but he met someone named Taevion Banks, since the meeting Brian was invited to help him sell illegal firearms and cocaine in the Ganton and Jefferson area, from his illegal business he began to find people who wanted to go with him and made an association called 116th Ganton Alleway.

Taevion Banks.9JAJxOb.png 

After a few years of the establishment of the association they began to be monitored by the Police because they often do things in the Ganton and Jefferson area such as, foraging, selling illegal goods and creating riots, with the location where they gather very close to Bar Ganton almost every night they get drunk inside the Bar and also the frequent occurrence of gambling games that are prohibited by the Police, they do not care about it all instead they continue it and invite more people, until one night they attended a big party at the bar they were ambushed by the police because they were caught carrying cocaine and illegal goods, because they all did not accept bringing police officers finally they made only raise and make noise in the Ganton area, many policemen were injured due to the incident but they all managed to turn away from the place safely, after this incident they were all highly demanded by the police and people who could choose one of these members will be awarded as much as $ 100,000 and large houses, but to date they had not yet been captured, and with high guts they were all still gathering at their usual place, Ganton.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Ini sebenernya faction apa ?

A: African-American gangster.


Q: Apakah ras harus African-American ?

A: Tentu, karena ini Fams dengan ras berkulit hitam.


Q: Saya tidak bisa bahasa inggris nih gimana dong?

A: Kita disini sama-sama belajar aja, perlahan-lahan juga akan paham kok.


Q: Tempat ngumpulnya dimana biasa?

A: Cari kami saja secara IC.


How to Join ?

  • Tidak menggunakan Program Ilegal yang dilarang oleh server.
  • Bisa RPin Character anda sebagai warga daerah sekitar yang memiliki Ras berkulit Hitam.
  • Bisa RP kan Character ingame kalian dengan umur 16-17 tahun.
  • Bisa PM Forum @Jepang500 atau pun @Christ untuk tahap awal.



OOC Information.

  • Dengan bergabungnya kalian bisa melatih anda dalam menggunakan Bahasa Inggris yang baik.
  • Memperluas Roleplay kalian agar tidak bosan untuk memainkan server JGRP.
  • Kurangi /b saat sedang RPan sama anggota lainnya.
  • Menghormati anggota-anggota lainnya.


Credits: @Gilnoe  @lowrider @Jepang500 @Christ






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