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Rise of a Balla

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Rise of a Balla Is a gangster organization where the city hood is located in Harmony Oaks, this gangster was raised by two young men named Erickson "Banks" Adamson and Obama "Brown" Tyson where they made an organization and named them an organization. "Gangster" where they have the "Crips" logo which means they are active Blue, because they have firearms to shoot anyone who dares to follow their own affairs, there are many of them, a thousand people who want to join this gangster, in this gangster, all outsiders respect their superiors, so this gangster is the most enduring gangster in Los Santos. They are also based on african races, where these gangsters must be black to be able to join here.


After the incident of a small bank robbery at the tip of the American island, the gangsters were chased by the police because the police for this organization had to be destroyed, but Obama Tyson did not give up he prepared weapons such as the AK-47, Glock, Remington, and Shotgun, because they were in abnormal condition because they in a hurry after two months they were found by Dillimore police, but the police were unlucky because when he gave the radio next to him a gangster member was hunted, the police were immediately edited and the bodies were eaten by gangster members one week later they planned to travel to a place called The Harmony Oaks they live there do activities as usual without.
(( So story dari gang ini akan berjalan apabila kami melakukan sebuah roleplay. ))

  • 1: Beroleplay menggunakan charakter utama.
  • 2: Ikutin rules-rules faction dan rules server.
  • 2: Kami akan menCK-PK charakter anda apabila anda melakukan kesalahan yang serius.
  • 4: Beroleplaylah dengan serius dan ada inisiatif dalam mengembakang suatu roleplay.
  • 5:  jangan biasakan /b saat beroleplay berjalan.
  • 6: Dilarang trolling saat roleplay berjalan.
  • 7: Anti faction jumper.
  • 8: Dilarang menggunakan  program ilegal.
  • 9: Dilarang berkata kotor saat roleplay.
  • 10: Ikutin Peraturan yang ada di Server.
  • 11:  Saling menghormati satu sama lain dalam keadaan apapun.
  • 12: Perekrutan adalah sepenuh nya IC, apabila anda memaksa ingin masuk melewati sarana OOC, jangan harap anda bisa masuk.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Bang ini faction apa ya?
  • A: Faction gangster.
  • Q: Faction ini berbasis apa?
  • A: Afrika.


  • Q: Biasa tempat roleplaynya dimana?
  • A: Cari secara IC,Atau temuin kami di tempat nongkron.


  • Q: Saya tidak terlalu pandai dalam hal inggris.
  • A: Sama disini kita juga belajar kok, jadi jangan ragu untuk bertanya.



  • Kalo memang anda sibuk dalam masalah IRL, bisa memberikan tahu kepada kami.
  • Dilarang break rules.
  • Kamu akan kami CK-PK charakter anda apabila anda melakukan kesalahan yang fatal.
  • Jangan terbiasa menggunakan /b saat beroleplay.
  • Hargain semua anggota yang ada disini.
  • Kami menerima semua player yang memiliki keniatan dalam belajar roleplay, kita saling sharing ilmu disini.
  • Wajib memiliki sarana komunikasi (Whatsapp/Facebook/Discord)


    Credits: @Vicio @Rich-Young And Google/Photoscape/Microsoft Office Word 2007

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