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10700 Block, Hoover Street.

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Hoover Umbrella
The Hoover, or formerly known as Hoover Criminals, originated as an African-American street gang located in West Side of South Los Santos, San Andreas. By the 1990s They used to claim Hoover Crips, but since then, They were renounced from Crips to Criminals, because most of them claimed EBK (Every Body Killer), and they had a feud with East Side Crips. The only Hoover sub-set that still claim Crips is 52 Hoover Crips. The Hoover were named after a street they lived in, Hoover Street, between Maccer Street and Southbridge Ave, they are known to rock Houston Astros outfit, They claimed the orange color as their gang color, and Houston for the "H".


10700 Block, Hoover Street
10700 Block Hoover (alias The Selos) located in 10700 Grove Ave, is sub-set under the Hoover umbrella, they changed the 10700 Grove Ave to the 10700 Hoover Street as they claim Hoover and as it's their main territory., they are under Hoover Criminals umbrella. They are known for their ruthlessness and terrorizing their rival enemies like Main Street Mafia Crips, SLX13, All bloods set and Rollin & Neighborhood Crips set. Their criminal activities are drugs-trade, guns-trade, homicides, tagging, burglary, vandalism, etc.

They often throw "H" "7" "W" to let the people know that they are from 10700 Block Hoover Street. "H" for the Hoover, 7 for the "700" or can be called the Seventh, and "W" for the West Side.


Present Day
Back in the summer of 2015, a reputable member from the Rollin 100s named 'KP' got killed. His death sparked a movement named the ''100 days, 100 nights'', where members of the Rollin 100s Crips blamed most likely the Hoovers for the murder. Through social media, both sides have vowed to take part in the competition to kill 100 people, in 100 days and 100 nights. The movement brought the LSPD Gang Unit and Homicide Division to investigate what was going on, causing a lot of members and some of the key members booked for conspiracy, murders, all other felony charges, and after that, they seemed to slow all their activities. All the beefs that've been going on, has been the reason a lot of members have been either locked up or deceased.


The gang is now being under-controlled by Taurus "7AeroMack#1" LaFlare, with his right-hand-man Mac "7Big Mac#2" Potts, they both are known armed and dangerous and have gained a lot of respects. They've been putting so many works to the function, they both had even beaten some felony charges, people around their neighborhood call them the "Unbeatable".



1. Our goal is portray a realistic and enjoyable community, with a street gang within. OOC goals? We just aim to keep the gang aspect as realistic as possible. We aim to portray the Los Angeles counterpart of the Hoovers.
2. Recruitment is purely done IC.
3. If interested in roleplaying with the faction, send @HooverGroover  a Forum PM.
4. Joining this faction, it means we have a right to your character to be character killed if the faction deems it worthy.

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Setelah kami diskusikan, buatlah faction dengan nama anda sendiri, gunakan kreatifitas anda untuk membuat sebuah faction,

kami menemukan beberapa materi yang sama di website ini https://unitedgangs.com/hoover-criminals-gang/



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