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[CN] Enrique Castro to Lowell_Hodges (zaid12345)

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Nama UCP: zaid12345

Nama Character lama: Enrique Castro

Nama Character baru: Lowell_Hodges

Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: USA

Alasan penggantian nama:

Untuk memasuki sebuah faction yang sangat sangat bagus untuk meningkatkan /skills roleplay.

Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity':







Bukti screenshot CK:



Enrique Castro and Avery Lawrence are business partners introduced by Elliot Moogenstain, in this story Avery is a weapons and drug dealer in Ganton while Enrique is only a dealer. After the introduction of Enrique and Avery they became partners who had been in the business for 1 year.

At that time when Enrique was drug dealing he was followed by a police officer and Enrique was arrested by the police and Avery was not aware of the incident, 1 year later Enrique did not sell his goods, instead he used it alone to relieve his stress. The day arrives when the deposit, Avery and Elliot follow to Enrique's place but there Enrique is not seen at all, Avery and Elliot think Enrique is dead even though Enrique is hiding somewhere.

Enrique already knows that Avery and Elliot will follow to his house. He calls the police and informs them about Avery and Elliot that they are a dealer of weapons and drugs. After that Avery and Elliot begin to be suspicious because every time avery conducts a transaction, there is always a police officer who follows him. who had not been seen for a long time, Avery and Elliot were going to the city and right there they saw Enrique talking to the police then, when Enrique started going to the hiding place he was followed by Avery and Elliot when he entered the house suddenly Avery and Elliot were shooting at Enrique without speaking.





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