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  1. Slangin stuff in this madrefucking night,ese...
  2. Long time no see old friend
  3. mantap lah si henceut buat fam..Gudlack medan.
  4. Character: Enrique Castro Origin: Mexican Story: Story of Enrique Castro or known as EC Enrique Catros was a man 18 years old on March 12, 1997, during his birth his family lived in one of the famous veil areas in El Corona he was born with his brothers and sisters and out of both he was the first born, life was increasingly difficult for people parents who were both teenagers around the time of his birth, they often struggled as a couple and turned to crime to look after the family. he grew up in a gloomy state, Castro was born in a very bad environment and he was influenced by his style every night he was always in liquor with his friends and his parents did not pay attention to him. Criminal life took his parents and his one brothers only castro who survived the incident, when the incident he hated the people who were in El Corona and he left his inheritance he only brought enough money for one week ago he walked the streets in the los area santos and found many people like him in playa and castro trying to approach him he approached the person and he told him about El Corona. As a result he began to like people around Playa and he turned to marijuana, he was arrested several times by a dirty police officer but the policeman let the castro go and the police took his weed, but he seemed to be fine with it as long as he was not near his house and as a result he started not to be too cruel in his environment but people were afraid to choose him so he is often respected by people around him and he is nicknamed as EC . Now he marks the rest of his life, with his friends doing criminal things and new family he seems like he is familiar with Castro, he chooses to stay forever in playa and run the life of a criminal there with friends whose theme can be called family. Saya zaid1 selaku pemilik account UCP zaid12345 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Enrique Castro) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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