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Jochem_Ozdemir [ryudential]

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Character: Jochem_Ozdemir

Origin :  Colombia




Jochem Ozdemir A.k.a J'Oz


29 years ago, born a child named Jochem Ozdemir. He was born in Colombia on 24 September 1990. Unintentional and accidental circumstances make him created in this world. Her mother was a teenager in one of the schools in Colombia. Meanwhile, his father is a local singer, not very famous. When her mother was pregnant , she was a teenager. Her parents disagreed and told her to kill her baby, but she refused that. As a result she was expelled from his family home. Jochem's father was just a regular singer, not prepared with this condition. So, his father refused to be responsible, but his father promised to bear the cost of living for Jochem and her.

Time went on, Jochem and his mother lived with misery. Move around the place, move in the apartement, and unfixed work. His father still sent him money on the promise, but child's life needs are heavier than imagined . At one time, Jochem's mother found a man in charge, and Jochem's mother and the man were married. Unfortunately, at the time when they had been married, the man or his stepfather did not like him. Jochemis often in snapped, marbled, and told to do something. This makes Jochem in unstoppable inner pressure. His mother who knew it,  then contacted Jochem's biological father and told his father to take Jochem with him.

Jochem felt the feeling of being deported and disposed of by his mother. Jochem himself during his lifetime never met his father, so this felt foreign to him. However, all of them were his thoughts. Jochem's father turned out to be a good person, Jochem was in good care, given the money, was schooled until he was to college. Jochem had no more contact with his mother after feeling being dised. When Jochem had finished his education, he ordered by his father to wander in San Andreas, precisely in Los Santos. Jochem's father have worked in Los Santos and he certainly shared his experience with his son, on 18 October 2011, Jochem finally went to Los Santos which he told his father. Not forgetting his father, every month he went back to Colombia to visit his father.





Saya Alavaroz selaku pemilik account UCP ryudential bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Jochem_Ozdemir) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

Edited by Alavaroz

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Sebelum melanjutkan proses pemeriksaan Character Stories, tolong jawab beberapa pertanyaan dibawah ini:


-Apa tujuan anda membuat Character Stories ini?

-Tolong disebutkan semua UCP yang anda miliki!

-Tolong disebutkan akun forum yang anda miliki! (jika ada, tolong tag).

-Sudah berapa lama anda bermain JG:RP?

-Dimana anda bermain JG:RP? (rumah/warnet).


Saya mengharapkan jawaban dari anda dengan sejujur-jujurnya, terima kasih.

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1. Apa tujuan anda membuat Character Stories ini?

Untuk merasakan sensasi roleplay yang lebih baru, itu seperti joinjob yang mengharuskan CS, join factions

dan lain sebagainya.

2. Tolong sebutkan semua UCP yang anda miliki!

yang active yang ryudential ya. Ada beberapa inactive sudah lupa pw + email + ID nya, cuma 1 ingat ID Nya itu hustic ( sok di block min) 

3. Tolong sebutkan akun forum yang anda miliki

Dulu sempet ada, sekarang udah lupa pw + email ga inactive keknya ( [email protected])

4. Sudah berapa lama main di JG:RP?

Saya pemain dari 2011. Saat 2016-2018 saya vakum

5. Dimana anda bermain JG:RP ?



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To @NamaForum

I am writing to you in regards of your recently submitted character story, we have reviewed your character story and, as a result, have come to the decision to APPROVE your request. Please read the following guide to activate your link your store to your In-Game account:



JG:RP Staff Team.


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