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Building Stactiment

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 Building Stactiment Operasional :                        

            Building Stactiment is a company created by Chester Dickson and Mathias Ramussen, this company is engaged in Building which will be carried out by 20 people who are experts in the field of building. The office is not big enough but the company is trying to advance the building that is reliable to be employed in this company very well therefore we both make this company confidently and responsibly for its employees, not only that we both will hold Recruitment at any time if you need building again.


Therefore we as the maker of this company on behalf of Mathias Ramussen and Chester Dickson will work as best and full of responsibility, we are not only hiring building workers but we are here like brothers or rather our family has 4 certain divisions namely: Head Official, Manager, Co.Manager, Advisor.

Official Head: Chester Dickson
Manager: Mathias Ramussen
Co. Manager :Coming soon
Advisory: Coming soon.  

We are here Opening recruitment for building that is reliable for decorating homes, companies, and so on.
For customers if you want to decorate your home or company, you can call our office number: 8-4-1-4-8-4-1 and if there is no respond in our office, you can contact our Manager number Mathias Ramussen: 9-7- 2-8.

Our building opening hours are from 09.00 Am Up to 17.00, so your company or your house if you want to decor can contact the number above and also see the time instead.
And now we need 20 people working in the field of building which we will hold on September 5 in 2019. has been established since 2000 and closed in 2015 due to a very large bankruptcy in the next company, a company founded by Chester's father in 2000 and finally bankrupt is now rebuilt by the children of his father, Mathias Ramussen and Chester Dickson.
They plan to rebuild and celebrate the name of his father's company, formerly the name of this company was Building Stactiment Blaud and now it is replaced by the name Building Stactiment. 


We hope to make this company grow even more and we hope that the workers who work at our company are happy and happy so we are here as Head Officials and Managers to make our customers and workers comfortable with our situation here. This company is 100% legal and those who will join or work will enter the interview and training stage.

That's all from me Chester Dickson and Mathias Ramussen greetings hard working.

OOC Information :

  • Mematuhi semua peraturan di game ini.
  • Mengambil pelajaran yang positif untuk di ambil maknanya dan bisa di contoh.
  • Kami bisa memerintah anda untuk CK Jika anda mempunyai Crime Record di IC.
  • Mengurangi kata kasar di IC maupun di OOC.
  • Jika anda melanggar semua peraturan otomatis akan kami Kick dari Faction ini.

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Note : Archive kan yang thread 116th Corona Sanderstand

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Untuk saat ini silakan join faction lain.

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