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Gu-Sulty Guarnop

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۞Gu-Sulty Guarnop۞         



          Steve was kidnapped by a group of double Gang organizations in the name or disguised as another Gang, namely Suluty Guarduanop and exiled to an area in the Palomino Krack wilderness area, Sulty Guarduanop Gang which stood on behalf of another Gang, which means changing the nigga name around Ganton and the name Steve made the main name on the car body stickers, Steve was alienated by 4 friends who were called by him Martin, Onel, Carlos, Musson, 4 friends were made slaves by Steve because Musson as a guide was good enough in carrying out the method of group destruction. The alley in Los Santos, Steve was assigned as the leader of bad luck because he did not know which point was safe for the safety of his friends, Steve was exiled back in the wilderness of Palomino Krack by Onel and Martin because he was a traitor in jointly launching the war Finally, Steve took over to get out of Sulty Guardu anop and left the region because for him unworthy, Sulty Sonsaima launched an attack on Sulty Guarduanop because of the Steve problem was exiled by Sulty Guarduanop. re-present because Steve did not participate in the sadistic war and then think back to the establishment of Sulty Guarduanop and finally stood in 2018 the name Sulty Guarduanop was bad again by local residents and finally terrorized by Steve all residents in the Palomino Krack region, took over to the Ganton area in the area. a safe path to sell illegal drugs and homemade weapons Sulty Guarduanop wants to rise again from its extinction and wants to change dramatically from before.




          1 year later Sulty Guarduanop took robbery in the Redeo apartemend area because someone was moving a homemade weapon then Sulty Guarduanop took over to rob him. The results will be resold if someone wants to buy the Sulty Guarduanop, the betrayal happened because there was one people who saw Gun fell from the trunk of the car and the person robbed into the area Sulty Guarduanop war occurred and the robbers were destroyed in the hands of Sulty Guarduanop, sadism is making a deep home for local residents Steve and Trever think things that can not be done by the Gang namely no longer making crimes in a large scale, just selling a variety of drugs and the Gun series is sufficient for the needs of Sulty Guarduanop who are often overwhelmed in concocting drugs because the order is raised if Sulty Guarduanop and all members are smart in making logical ideas and ideas.




          in 2019, again made an action from the back alley in the name of robbery to the Ganton area and all those in Sulty Guarduanop survived the massive robbery, all fled to the Western sector namely the Playa area where it was good enough to hide all escape and save each other's lives to an empty warehouse area, there are no fatalities but Sulty Guarduanop is branded an enemy by a group of robbers in Los Santos. Sulty Guarduanop does not accept because his name is on the weak stamp Steve and his friends make a meeting appointment of both parties, members of Sulty Guarduanop want to launch a war action in the Playa sector the next day, the revenge is canceled by his friends because he thinks because Sulty Guarduanop is no good again to fight the robbers because there will be disappointment and regret the next day, until now Sulty Guarduanop stepped on the Ganton region called Guwtown because the name was taken by the name of Gurerro Steve's friend who died in the warring act first, then Steve and his friends named Guwtown as the name of the region and Sulty Guarduanop as the name of his love and also his friends talk about the name Gangang and then everyone agrees if the name is united from the name of Gurerro and joined with Sulty Guarduanop as Gu-Sulty Guarnop. Sulty Guarnop for a sign that the Gang is a force da n power for the fort in the Ganton region, Gu-Sulty Guarnop will keep the City of Los Santos in the Ganton area.


      ۞Bila Ingin Bergabung Mohon Dibaca Kriteria Berikut۞




●Jika anda ingin bergabung di Gu-Sulty Guarnop, kami berhak untuk melakukan Character Kill kamu bila itu memerlukannya.

●Untuk kalian yang baru masuk dan langsung aktifitas Gang (Yang Belum Tau) bisa tanya ke @Gondomanan atau @NOVID

●Untuk penggunaan bahasa bisa memakai bahasa tercinta kita Bahasa Indonesia dan bisa juga memakai Bahasa Inggris.

●Tidak boleh Double Faction ya, bila ketahuan akan di kick.

● Jangan kelebihan membuat masalah seperti melanggar Rules/Guide JGRP yang ada, kami kasih 2kali kesempatan.

● Dilarang Troll/DM kepada teman Roleplay walaupun teman.

● Dilarang spam /b atau kebanyakan /b.

● Disini kita bisa belajar dari Roleplay Gang, supaya bisa tau kaya real nya.

● Disini tempat belajar bagi yang ingin gabung di Gu-Sulty Guarnop, Kami siap bantu bila ada pertanyaan atau jawaban.

● Kami sudah menyediakan fasilitas Grup sosial media bisa hanya Facebook.

● Kami tidak memberikan fasilitas Discord karna, bila ada yang ketauan menggunakan Discord akan kami Kick.

● Dilarang marahan, baperan, negatif King King sesama teman jangan sampai ya.

●Segitu saja bila ada yang di tanyakan bisa lanjut PM Forum ke @NOVID

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Buat thread baru dengan penulisan yang lebih rapih dan ukuran gambar dikecilkan.

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