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  1. The Legend of @MurdxBoy a.k.a Diontray Brown, long time not see bro, come around.
  2. -Roleplay sebagai mestinya -Boby06, dulu ada tapi lupa apa. Skrng cuma pake 1 doang -one and only -kadang warnet, kadang rumah. Will be added soon, lgi di hp
  3. Character: Jarvonte Collins Story: Jarvonte Collins is an African-American male born inside of New York, during his time of birth his family lived within one of the notorious hood areas within New York otherwise known as Fort Greene he was born alongside his brother and sister and out of the two he was the first born, during Jarvonte's early stages in New York life was gradually getting harder and harder for his parents who were both young teenagers around his time of birth, they often struggled as a pair and turned to crime in order to keep the family he was being raised in clothed and fed on a regular basis. The criminal life took ahold of both of his parents throughout most of his life and as a result they became vicious people, this would reflect onto his childhood with his brothers and sisters as they were sometimes abused and encouraged to do gang activities within Fort Greene for the people that they had been trying to avoid out of fear for their mother and father. Eventually the life of crime took ahold of Jarvonte and his siblings and that is when the government had to step in and take legal action against the parents, the family was separated and Jarvonte was sent off to live with his aunt in Los Santos just opposite Ten Green Bottles, where he grew up spending most of his time within McCain high school where he was often known as a "disruptive child" and was often given detentions and so forth. Saya Bossin selaku pemilik account UCP boby06 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Jarvonte Collins) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  4. iya, kontak wa aja biar fast respond 2
  5. pakabar bangsat

    1. Nouval 08

      Nouval 08

      Baik bang. Es cendol nya 1 ya

    2. dotcs


      oke meluncurrrr

  6. Box nya aja yang gak ada gan
  7. just information, belom ke lock mang @KEKEN
  8. naekin lagi si wkwkwk
  9. Barang: VAPE Harga: 175 NEGO Deskripsi: Vape dengan perawatan yang baik, siap dipakai, tinggal ganti kapas dan koil, mines gak ada kardus. Selebihnya liat foto yaaa. Oiya tambahan, kalo beli dapet tambahan Liquid rasa Choco Cream, nge charge juga bisa pake charger'an hp ya Gambar: Contact person:
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