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  4. Character: Henry Voight Story: Henry Voight, was born in the 27th of January 1994, in London, England. His father is called Jill Voight and his mother is called Florence Voight. When Voight was about to born, her mother got diagnosed by the doctor, she or the baby, have a possibillity of not surviving the operation, one of them may life, and the other must sacrifice themselves, her mother got diagnosed with a hypertension, which can harm both the mother and her baby, the chances of surviving is low. His father got very concerned about this, he was confused, whether or not this operation must be done, or his wife and the baby will die because the baby is not taken out from the mother's womb in time, time is running out, Jill has to make the decision. Jill decide to do the operation, he can only hope, for both his wife and the baby survived the operation. The doctor came in and invites Jill to his room, he told Jill that both of them survived the operation, the baby is successfully taken out, and his wife is still alive. Jill is grateful, he's blessed, his wife and baby is still alive, he cannot hope for anything better than knowing that his beloved wife and baby survived the operation. Together, they continue to live a happy life that they have. Time flies by, Voight enters Senior High School at Cambridge Senior High School, he met various new friends, he finally can socialize with his friends at the school, he can sleep together with his friends, his friend name is Rodgers, Raymond, and Carlos. They so bond together, they are always together anytime, anywhere. After Voight finished his Senior High School, he went to Cambridge University to continue his education. Soon after he enters his University, Voight met a huge number of people. He also bring his old friends, so he still can adapt together with his friends on his new University. Voight also met a special someone, he doesn't want to tell anyone about her, but we only know that it's a she, and it's someone special to him. Meanwhile, as Voight's father, Jill, is doing a research on his lab, he and his fellow scientist are told to find a cure, for a spreading disease which is now spreading in their hometown, it's a virus, they give it a name "X-500" virus, the virus itself is not deadly yet. But, there's a chance of it to evolve into a much deadly virus. Jill is concerned about it's DNA pattern, it's growing rapidly, unlike any other viruses he ever seen. One day, when is working for a cure on his lab, he work until midnight, mixing antidote and chemicals to stop this virus from evolving and spreading, but that night, Jill is sleepy, he haven't sleep since yesterday, his eyes were unfocused, he somehow, he mix an example of the antidote with a strychnine, which is a deadly substance that can attack the central nervous system of the body, He spills it onto his coffee while he is noting the reaction that caused mixing both the liquid substances. He drinks his coffee that is mixed with a strychnine, after two hours, he went unconscious, his fellow friends think that Jill is sleepy and needs a rest, but after checking his pulse, his friend rushes Jill to a nearby hospital because his pulse is not beating at all. It's too late, Jill is deceased, he's left alone in his lab for two hours. The chemical reacts attacks his nervous system, and he cannot be saved. After Voight's mother heard the news, she decided to keep it a secret, Voight will not know about his father death, she doesn't want Voight to feel upset and discouraged by his father death, even though she can only keep her pain deeply inside her. After years and years, Voight finished his college and wanders about to place after place and just never coming home. He's worried, what happened to his parents, are they fine or not. Voight finally came home, he cheered happily as he runs into his house, he wants to inform to his mother and his father that he passed his University. But, as he walks into his house, he cannot see his mother, or father anywhere. His mother and father cannot be contacted by him, he doesn't know what happened to his mother and father until now. He sits on the bench, thinking what happened to his mother and father, he only can hope for the best, as his friends waiting for him outside, he come back to his friends and drives off. After sometime, Voight and his friends planned to go to elsewhere, they wanted to work and move, Rodgers wants to work and met their families that just moved to San Fierro. Meanwhile, Carlos wants to go to his holiday on Las Venturas. Raymond, wanted to stay with Voight and moves to Los Santos to find a new home and work there. Finally, Voight and his friends flies to San Andreas, Los Santos, starting a new life there, together. Saya gendutz selaku pemilik account UCP gendutz bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Henry Voight) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
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