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  1. jaman2 julio_stark, RPnya masih ingusan
  2. Character Name: Nate Miller Origin: Darwin, Australia Story: Nate Miller, a normal child who born on 12 January 1988. He was born in Darwin, Australia and he had a normal life just like a normal child, and he is the Miller's first-born. At the age of 8, his father bussiness had great shocks that made his family become poor and forced them to move to the Adelaide, even he live in a poor family, he didn't want to make his parents dissapoint. He made a first rank on his class, he became a Judo Master at 17 years old and went to Indonesia to make his athlete career. After he reached the age of 20, he realizes that his life become harder and harder, he completely lose his title as a Judo Master because his ill. He got an abnormal shape of leg because the judo competition, he retired at the age of 21 and leave whole Adelaide shock. He realizes that life getting harder and harder, he fell on drugs and he used to smokes marijuana to release his stress. Until one day, his father found out that he smoke marijuana. He made his father dissapointed, and he knows that it was his child nightmare. So he give up his life at the Adelaide, he ran to California to find another life. Once Miller found his place, he realizes that drugs is harmfull, he leave his habit behind and go to rehability facility. He was live in the facility until 2013, and after he go out he works at the Papa's Pizza at the downtown for living. He found out that he can run a new life in Los Santos, all the money collected and he go to the Los Santos by airplane. Once he get there, he go to the Goverment to manage his ID Card. He applying to the SAPD as a Police Officer with his Judo certificate as a accomodation, but he got denied because of his past. Then he starts a small bussiness in that town, run some food company for living. In age of 21 he go to the College to finish get his degree, he was accelerated. He finished his highschool in age of 25 and got his second degree. He was happy, he thinks that everyone should look at his degree, specially company. Until someday, he appointed to build one of greatest company in Los Santos. He is happy to be him, he bury away his past and living a new life in Los Santos as he wanted to be. of the San Andreas Network because this is also part of my hobby of poetry. Maybe the ability that I have can be useful for this company going forward. I will try to be the best for this company. After a day and day he finally got married with some woman he trust and he love since he was in highschool and change live on with the new Miller's. Saya Hafiz selaku pemilik account UCP dk9008 bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Nate_Miller) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.
  3. GREEN buat shieldnya karena kalau ada Gang Brawl atau RP rusuh gitu polisi ga main tazer, bisa juga RP pake shield atau gebukin pake baton
  4. Saat itu kamu jujur menggunakan Wallhack dan itu adalah Third Party dan itu dilarang, maka tolong baca ini terlebih dahulu. Have you read my this before you create the unban thread. https://jogjagamers.org/topic/74049-important-things-to-read-read-this/ Truly I really appreciate your honest and term to make this unban thread. I got nothing to do, rules is a rules.
  5. I saw clearly with my own eyes, you are using Heatlhhack. Have you read my this before you create the unban thread. https://jogjagamers.org/topic/74049-important-things-to-read-read-this/ So I appreciate your term to make this unban thread.
  6. L&A due to wrong usage of moderation command.
  7. Admin dk9008 mengkonfirmasi kalau kejadian ini memang terjadi, saya melakukan tindakan berupa Jail selama 60 menit kepada pelaku untuk membaca guide. Setelah itu saya memberikan hak kepada Nicolo Orojuela untuk melakukan refund.
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