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  1. No junk and spam on my family thread, just member can replyed here.
  2. The families & gangsters.

    Los Santos Job Company
  3. Los Santos Job Company Known as a new company in Los Santos, built in 2017, the company is known to provide facilities for its workers, with the existence of these facilities, workers can work optimally. It was built by a major business dealer in San Andreas who is Kevin Phillips, commonly known as Phills. As a business Wrangler, Phills is a great boss and is also a wealthy man, and his fortune will not run out in 7 generation. Phills began building his own business with two of his relatives, Silvestro and Galvani. A small company is known as a community that aims to give jobs to the unemployed because of their limited capabilities, so a community or company that provides this system is created. The company provides several facilities for the general public, such as truck rentals and boats for those who can not afford to buy them. For those who want to rent can pay for it after they work. In addition, we also provide a taxi for workers who wish to become a taxi driver. Career in Los Santos Job Company Los Santos Job Company's toughest rival is Maghandi Cab Company, also from the United States. The other three are outside San Andreas, which recently funded USD 186 million from Softbank, in China with USD 112 million funding. It should pill that the absence of taxi applications in Los Santos is capable of competing with Los Santos Job Company in terms of funding. Therefore, it is the only competitor of the world giant, LSJC. When Phill made Los Santos Job Company as a company known to Los Santos citizens. With LSJC taxi service that satisfies the taxi service user, LSJC also appreciates the existence of Los Santos Job Company company in Los Santos city and the residents also request to multiple taxies at this company Los Santos Job Company, so that more unemployment can work from a company just made by Phill and the other two friends. Specialists that deliver Supported by our offices and associates worldwide, LSJC employs a team of professionals who follow up and follow every transaction we manage. With our Global Service Network in 56 countries aiming for a Reliable Transportation Management Company in the marketplace with a personally inspired, driven and dedicated approach to serving our customers and will continue to provide quality trucks or taxies. OUR MISSION AND VISION Our ultimate goal is to promote Total Quality Management and to sustain our success through a solid investment in our service and innovation expansion. Our goal is to promote the professional work, safety, and security of the environment throughout our organization and to be the best customer service team in our profession. We strive to develop and maintain the first-class infrastructure to ensure employee satisfaction and customers, which drives customer loyalty leading to sustainable profit growth and creates better corporate value and quality of work that is more well known for customer satisfaction by using the taxies or trucks we provide. Our plan for Los Santos Job Company Develop our newly built company in Los Santos and we will always select and sort out all the workers who fill the divisions or levels in our Management. Will always update our company updates And will invest our profit to open vacancy to other Los Santos people to join our Management. Rank: • CEO • Vice CEO • Manager • Supervisor • Senior Worker • Taxi Driver Our Rules: (OOC) • Must know about Roleplay Jobs (Truck, Taxi, Fisherman). • Able to speak English (not required). • Faction jumpers are not allowed. • Able to distinguish between OOC and IC. • Of course, you have to join IC. (IC) • Must be able to follow the existing server rules. • Must be able to follow the existing RP flow. • Mutual respect. Clothes that will be worn: Credit goes to: - Kevin Louis - Mafarid - Adhitya Pratama
  4. The families & gangsters.

    Los Santos Job Company
  5. Cara coli dengan baik dan benar

    Ckckck payah
  6. Mobile Legends

    Nama : KevinLouis Nick Mobile Legends : KevinL Tier/rank :rank sblm musim epic IV/ sekarang GM IV Jam Main : free kapan aja
  7. CK aborted, More effort on story.
  8. Disiang Hari Waktu Roberto Joseph [Tidur Siang, Ia Pun Terbangun[Ini juga huruf kecil] dan dia Ingat Bahwa Mempunyai Utang Kepada Yosep Anggar Sebanyak $1000 Dan [Belum Dibayar[ini juga huruf kecil] Selama 1Minggu ,Lalu Ia Pun Bergegas Untuk Bekerja Keras ,Sewaktu Ia Masih Bekerja Tiba Tiba Terdengarlah Suara Telponan ,Dan Ia [Adalah[Huruf kecil A nya] Yosep ,Lalu Yosep Menagih Utang Kepada Roberto. Roberto pun pergi ke Gas Idlewood untuk melunas Hutangnya,
  9. Accepted, meet admin level 3 + to change your nickname
  10. EYD pada story di benarkan.
  11. Lack of RP , CK aborted.