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[CN] Dayvon Prince to Brandon Thao (aidann)


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Nama UCP: aidann

Nama Character lama: Dayvon Prince

Nama Character baru: Brandon Thao

Jenis kelamin: Laki-laki (Male)

Origin: China

Alasan penggantian nama:

Ingin ber-RP dengan ras yang baru dan juga ingin membuat sebuah project

Bukti screenshot penggunaan '/charity':





Bukti screenshot CK:



Dayvon Prince was born as a gangster, and live his ruthless life on the street. He was a very cruel gangster until the police force hunts his whole gang down, resulting in a wipeout. Dayvon was the only survivor of the raid, but he later thinks that there is no point of going through this, meaning that he has had enough of life problems. He then ends his life by his own hands because he thinks that this is the only way to end all of his problems and to meet his friends again in the afterlife.






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