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Thomas_Milner [Bernardo]

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Character: Thomas_Milner




Thomas Milner
Bone County


Thomas Milner was born just after the fall of the Soviet Union. It was the day the United States supposedly won the Cold War. However, his father did not believe that victory was that so easily snatched from one of the nations responsible for the enclosing doomsday clock. He believed the Soviets were still there. Alive in secret. Turning the erasing the blue and the white from the Star Spangled Banner and turning it completely red. Paranoia has hit him deep, that he thought Red County was a communist County; because it had the word "Red" in it. Ten months after Thomas--or as his father calls him, Tommy--was born, they moved out to the barren Bone County. 


Tommy spent his childhood around gearheads, methheads, and skinheads. The patched one-percenters are mostly the people he spends time with, as his father was a prospect at one of the local motorcycle clubs. It being the 90s, these people were much more unrulier than the civilised 21st century. They smoked meth and snorted cocaine in front of their children. Tommy tasted his first beer when he was ten, downed his first shot of whiskey when he was twelve, and got arrested for juvenile delinquency (specifically, drug abuse) when he was 16. He was transferred into prison once he hit 18, and spent time their for a year. Only to return to it a year later, charged for battery and assault. 


Tommy was always a patriot. But the patriots in prison were different. They were white nationalists, ultra-nationalists if you will, completely rejecting foreign culture and foreign values. They believe that this soil belongs to the white, and that the white man is victim to the mistreatment of an unpatriotic government that is more sympathetic to the immigrants and the international world. The white gangs in the prison brainwashed him and indoctrinated him into being sympathetic to their cause. In prison, he became very close to a man called William Gospel, or who he nicknamed BIlly.


The moment he was released from prison, him and Billy along with a mutual acquaintance named Ronny formed the Ironskin Legion. A supposedly political movement was ideologically right-wing and conservative-- that is, if you truly wanted to cut corners and call them less than the criminals they were.  






Saya Bernardo selaku pemilik account UCP Bernardo bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Thomas_Milner) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

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Saya telah mereview character story kamu dan menemukan bahwa story kamu sudah memenuhi kriteria yang kami berikan. Dengan itu kami telah ACCEPT character story yang kamu buat. Mohon ikuti panduan di bawah ini untuk mengaktifkan character story kamu:



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