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Jimmy_Delagarza [Pandasss]

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Character: Jimmy_Delagarza









     Jimmy Delagarza or commonly called Jimmy was born on March, 25th, 2002. He was born in San Andreas because his parents were third generation immigrants from Mexico. His parents have been living in El Corona and it made Jimmy a local citizen in the area. His father was also a laborer at Ocean Docks and has worked there for decades since Jimmy was born. Jimmy is still in high school because his first time of school was at the age of nine. This was also due to the absence of fees from his parents for Jimmy to attend school.

     Even though Jimmy went to school, he didn't feel comfortable enough and oftenly violation school regulations, he oftenly fought with students and the teachers at Los Santos High School. He also oftenly skipped school and chose to play with his friends in the El Corona area. This made Jimmy a well-known person in the region. He began to recognize cigarettes, drugs, free sex and alcoholic drinks even though he was only 17 years old. One time he was found out by his father for the action and when Jimmy arrived home he was beaten by his father until he was battered. This then made Jimmy even more upset and leaving his home. He is more often outside rather than being inside his house. He returned home only to ask for money from his mother and sometimes his mother refused to give it.

     Some time passed, Jimmy was increasingly accustomed to live his life in a world like that. He even sold drugs and was almost caught by the police. But that didn't deter him. He was also increasingly known in the area where he lived because of his behaviour and he was now incorporated into a group in El Corona. The group's activities are not far from crime, robbery, murder, drug dealing and etcetera.


Saya tidakapa selaku pemilik account UCP Pandasss bersedia jika Character saya yang disebut di atas (Jimmy_Delagarza) dibanned permanent jika character story yang saya buat di atas berupa plagiat dari story milik orang lain.

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To Mr Jimmy ,

I am writing to you in regards of your recently submitted character story, we have reviewed your character story and, as a result, have come to the decision toAPPROVE your request. And, your character story will be moved and activated immidiately in  24 hours, if in 24 hours you still cannot access paycheck feature, please do contact one of JG:RP Staff in the game for further action.


Helper AldynovBP15,
Jogjagamers Roleplay Administrative Team.


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Saya telah mereview character story kamu dan menemukan bahwa story kamu sudah memenuhi kriteria yang kami berikan. Dengan itu kami telah ACCEPT character story yang kamu buat. Mohon ikuti panduan di bawah ini untuk mengaktifkan character story kamu:



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