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The Bloods are a primarily, though not exclusively, African American streetgang founded in Los Angeles, California. The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and by particular gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs.


Chapter I - How it all started

    In 1994 DeShaun Vonmar and Ross Mackwood go to Los Santos with the plane. They have to move to Los Santos because there their mother was shot when he bought some equipment materials housewives, and the murder was recorded by CCTV cameras killer uses black and blue bandana. Vonmar know who killed her mother was a member of the Crips gang. When they arrived in Los Santos, and they met with Douglas and Dominic Brayden Ferguson. They got acquainted and became a close friend, Douglas and Brayden invite Vonmar and Ross to go where they gather their friends in Idlewood. Vonmar and Ross rented apartments for their stay there. And Vonmar and Ross forgot that their money is only $ 50,000 they are confused because their money was gone. And they were invited by Douglas and Brayden to rob, Vonmar and Ross confused what to do if they do not do so they do not have the money to eat and pay the rent. And finally they make a Crime in Los Santos they make the city of Los Santos into a mess. Vonmar and Ross selling illegal goods, Robbin ', Rappin', and killin'.


 Chapter II: BIP (Bloods In Peace) R-Murda

        Ross "R-Murda" Mackwood, was shooted and killed Thursday night. By the time he was walking with Jay, in the Ganton area. By the time they walked leisurely, came a black colored car. Then they pulled out a gun and pointed it in the direction of R-murda and shot R-Murda head. At the time of R-Murda got shooted, Jay was immediately ran of the place. Once when he got in Idlewood Jay was feeling sad over the death of R-Murda. Jay told me everything to Vonmar, then they wanted to avenge the deaths of R-Murda.


Chapter III: We find new place

On Sunday Vonmar and his friends went to the bar pigsty for fun, after a couple of hours later they returned to their apartment. Upon arriving at their apartment five-o confused because many who surrounded the area. Vonmar and his friends thought that five o're looking for them. Then Vonmar and his friends had to leave that place. Vonmar think to look for a new place, Vonmar and his friends begin their search for a place to stay. After a few hours later they found a place called Idlewood.


• Follow the rules server
• Obey member and chairman of Crenshaw Boulevard Bloods
• If you do faction jumper and caught by us, we mean you allowed to CK.
• If you want to join use your main character.
• Strictly forbidden /b at the time of roleplay, Because it will interfere with your roleplay.

    • Wikipedia
    • Andika
    • A$AP


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