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Best Maxi BMX - Chapter I:Awal kedatangan

Ade Jenggo

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Maxi BMX is a community for lovers of branded BMX bikes in Los Santos . BMB own club is well -organized legal. Club HAS ALSO been certified by the city of Los Santos as the best community in Los santos . In this community where BMX lovers gather to share , shows talent and Also established a close friendship and familiarity .



Best Maxi BMX formed by Arley Armstrong. Initially Arley is a well-known criminal in Los Santos, after many years in prison, Arley left his old habits and Arley decided to form a community bike. Arley made a positive activity for the community, this community is recognized throughout the community of Los Santos as the best clubs in Los santos.


BMB do as a community activity as usual, they often perform freestyle skatepark. Sometimes they also held a challenge for the members every day. BMB also once held a Tour to Mount Chiliad. And future plans also will be holding activities BMB other positive activities in Los Santos.

How To Join

- Origin bebas/campure

- Mencari secara ICly

- Harus memiliki BMX tidak boleh sepeda lain


- Tau tentang basic rules

- Dilarang melanggar peraturan server

- Selalu menghormati admin/helper yang ada

- Dilarang BR


- Ade Nugraha (Arley Armstrong)

- Chandra


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