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Bounty Hunter Bloods Reborn - Chapter III

Rahmat Ferdyansyah

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Bounty Hunter Bloods are mainly, though not exclusively, African-American street gang founded in Jefferson, Los Angeles. The gang is known for killing andtrafficking of firearms and narcotics across their area. The gang is widely known because of competition with the Bloods and Crips gangs. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and with certain gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs and tattoos.

Chapter I: How it all started


Dinero Savage and Sean Murdocks O.G in Crenshaw Boulevard Bloods after a few years later Crenshaw Boulevard Bloods, Crenshaw disbanded because all members were killed in a drive-by by Crips gang and the only survivor just Dinero and Sean Murdocks and several other members. Dinero And Sean sadly because their friends who died tragically. Dinero and Sean decided to go away from their usual place of assembly and he was looking for a new place. After a few weeks later they find a suitable place for them named Jefferson. Dinero and Sean decided to create a new gangs called Bounty Hunter Bloods.

Chapter II: BIP (Bloods In Peace) Jay


At the time Jay and his friends were partying marijuana. By the time they're having fun, came a group of people dressed in blue or called the Crips. They immediately attacked Jay and his friends use his weapons. Jay and his friends try to fight, they took out his gun. The battle occurred at the venue. Then Jay was shot on his head, chest, and hands. After that friends Jay managed to escape. Jay's friends tell Savage and his friend that Jay had been killed by a member of the Crips.

Chapter III: Paybacc




- Follow the rules server
- member respect and leader of Bounty Hunter Bloods
- If you do faction jumper and caught by us, mean you allowed to CK.
- If you want to join use your main character and take ICly.
- Strictly forbidden /b at the time of roleplay, Because it will interfere with your roleplay.






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