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San Andreas Comunity Bikers


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San Andreas Community Bikers had been formed in 2014, SACB has been formed by his friends Timothy from childhood Timothy and his friends like to play bike at Glen Park until now and but had not yet made SACB because it has not minded to create a community that is SACB. As adults intention to make San Andreas Community Bikers in shape by Timothy Gregory. Timothy was originally a villain famous San Andreas, after many years in prison by the police, Timothy abandon old habits to break up a public bicycle community. Timothy makes a positive activity to the community of San Andreas, this community is Recognized throughout the community of San Andreas as the best club in San Andreas.


San Andreas Comunity Bikers formed by Timothy Gregory. Initially Timothy is a well-known criminal in Los Santos, after many years in prison, Timothy left his old habits and Timothy decided to form a community bike. In SACB club, they do as a community activity as usual, they often perform activities such as freestyle skate park. Sometimes there is competition from the chairman of the SACB, SACB often held a tour to Mount Chiliad. And future plans will also conduct other activities SACB positive in San Andreas.Timothy made a positive activity for the community, this community is recognized throughout the community of Los Santos as the best clubs in Los santos.



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