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Evgenija Infinate Racer (EIR) from meaning is Ilegall Street Racer was made in 1933, and created by three young men greatest rider, Edrew or Andrew Caulfield, next Ecarr aka Alfred Carrington and Ibor-Rollman aka Grissham Langundo. Three drivers are beginning to enter the stage of friendship, and three of these drivers also have made the city of Las Venturas into town racer ilegall, three one rider has been deepened a lot of knowledge about the driver or racing sports cars, all the drivers successfully detonated by vehicles each - each instantaneous All riders has conducted racing action with them but the results still lose, they win national races in their country, since they were chased by the police had to take action because of illegal racing. Since then they are in the drill by a number of police in the country. since their friends to know this race they began discussions to recruit a member of illegal racing, to enliven back racing this wildly.





Define from Evgenija Infinate Racer is a fraud that occurs in this wild racing community, which is how it has been recruited by three young men. Instantly they began to recruit they move countries, namely to Los Santos, they settled there and began looking for members to become the sports car racing wildly including ilegally, they will have a lot of members ilegall included Ilegall street racer, with a all sports car.






Instantly three days later, on August 31, one of the three racing this wildly successful in catching, namely Edrew, he succeeded in catching on because of wild racing action at night, he was in the interrogation with the police of Los Santos.

Edrew the release from jail of Los Santos, Edrew was reunited with his friends, and there all the members of illegal sports cars began to discuss to unrequited revenge against the police of Los Santos. Instantly they discussed the next day to the headquarters of these sports and they started to carry out the biggest robbery in the city of Los Santos and the killing of police officers in Los Santos, and to promote the return of illegal racing activities in the country of Los Santos.

All members of the crew of wild sports car managed to rob some small businesses that are in Los Santos, Los Santos police still not caught up to all police to look for her fatigue. Fortunately one of the members has a police fake undercover in the country Los Santos, we also managed to influence some police pseudo began to help us to launch our action is, all members are shared to prepare all weapons or troops to commit to the racing action wild Los Santos is.




In the evening all the crew gathered on the highway the largest, aka East Beach, all sport utility vehicles were there, and they were doing and enliven the action racing this wild, and immediately started racing wildly several policemen came and saw it, and that's where the Bogus police do police action to bring police to stay away from wild racing this area, and there all wild racing crew hiding and began killing the officers one by one until no more idea of all members of the police. The police corpse was dumped into the sea by the members of this wild race, and at night it has started to enter on a sunny morning, at which all members of this illegal racing sport disperse and return to the camp.




The next day, the day take a step-by-day all crew Evgenija sport utility vehicle is assembled Startlingly from the west to the north, gathered right at their kamp. They move back to their respective sports vehicles up to launch their action. And smooth in her sport utility vehicle Evgenija wild whenever they begin to breathe a quiet day by day to continue and continue doing their usual action. They usually do not have a hobby or activity they do each day, but now has changed due to their own hobbies and activities that do continue to wild racing action in the country's LOS SANTOS. Evgenija sport-utility vehicle will always sunrise sun seems brighter until the day after the day when he got all its members to die until their last breath, but they will always decrease and ascending all the members of his body until Evgenija Infinate Racer is dead until the breath efflux blood dripping.




All members are sure to be able to make the community ilegall will always forward DAY BY DAY to breath and dripping blood their final, and will leave all sport utility vehicles are the how they are often used to commit acts of day - day, all members have the respect to keep This absence is disturbing to forget the police and other gangsta, they will remain until their last breath.






  • Knowing what it Roleplay
  • Knowing the rules of driving (Non rp driver).
  • Knowing what a wild racer
  • Respect the admin in JGRP
  • Respect the chairman / high rank, and give respect to him.




  • Know basic Roleplay
  • Know your / rules in JGRP
  • Have sports car.
  • Register / join this community to be clear and roleplay that shows properly.


the story will always be updated and screens.

created by: Rama,Dimas,Hanif,wilkipedia (Created story), translator.google(translate),


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Mohon maaf untuk para admin Faction di jogjagamers roleplay, saya meminta maaf bahwa saya tidak jadi membikin sub family yang sudah saya post ini, di karenakan para member yang akan melanjutkan aktivitasnya sudah tidak aktif lagi, dan hanya saya lah yang aktif yakni (Rama, Grissham langundo) saya rasanya tidak kuat memegang family ini seorang diri, dan teman saya (dua orang itu) telah tidak aktif lagi, jadi saya meminta maaf sekali lagi bahwa saya tidak jadi mengirim sub forum ini, dan saya meminta tolong untuk admin faction untuk menghapus sub post ini, terima kasih.

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