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Willowfield Boulevard Families


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The Willowfield Boulevard Families are based in the district of Willowfield St. The set's origins are unknown, however it is likely they were already around in 1987. 
Willowfield Boulevard Families is located in the Willowfield St district. The origins of this group are unknown, but most likely it existed in 1987. This group was previously a small group developed by several people, none other than Trey Crooks and Deqavious Hodges, who had close friendships when they were teenagers, their main goal was to create a group. The first time this was just to defend themselves from the threat of people bullying them when they were in high school due to several factors that made them bullied at that time in school. Trey Crooks first had the idea to create this group to oppose bullies and he confirmed it to his close friend Trey Crooks and Deqavious Hodges agreed with Trey idea of wanting to establish a group called Willowfield Boulevard Families where they grew up and were born in that area. At first they tried to invite students who were often bullied at school to join this association to oppose the bullies who often bullied them at school, where the name of the group of bullies was "Moffel Rude Boys" and as time went by they also had several members who took part under the auspices of Trey and Deqavious.

On March 15 1989 at that moment they carried out an attack on bullies who had bullied them because they were still considered a trash group by the group of bullies 
"Moffel Rude Boys" their action was carried out during the group This bully was caught off guard because the head of the association was not at school due to being attacked by delinquent children from outside the school. While carrying out this action, Trey and Deqavious managed to fight back against the group of bullies and caused the members of the bullies to be rushed to the hospital. Because of their actions, they were suspended from school so they were not included for several weeks due to their actions. Even the teachers and principals also stopped the associations they created so as not to tarnish the good name of their school.
To be precise, on March 19 1991, they graduated from school. At that time, Trey and Deqavious were already 19 years old and still in control of the group they created, even though they were the only members of the association and they had the intention of continuing the struggle of the association they created. the. Until Trey and Deqavious tried to explore the streets to find delinquent children like them to invite to join their group, while on the street they saw that two children were being beaten up in the middle of the street by delinquents because they didn't want to give their money to the delinquents. the. Until Trey and Deqavious helped the two of them to get the thug to leave the place and after that, Tre and Deqavious tried to get to know the two children who were none other than Kaleb Young and Derrick Mings. Trey and Deqavious try to invite them into the group they have because they are attracted to Kaleb and Derrick who have the potential to fight and are mentally strong enough to fight. Until Kaleb and Derrick joined the Willowfield Boulevard Families association, at that time there were 4 members, including Trey and Deqavious , until Derrick told Trey and Deqavious that they had a friend named Derrion Cobb.

Derrion Cobb has the same potential as the two of them who has skills in fighting and has a strong mentality which makes him often respected in the area where he lives. At that time, Trey and Deqavious immediately made an agreement for Kaleb and Derrick to meet Derrion at the place he was often at, namely at the boxing club he attended when he was 10 years old, after that the four of them met him and tried to recruit Derrion to try out for the part of because Derrion also looks for food by fighting in the streets which is held every night. Until Trey and Deqavious told Derrion that they had big plans to establish this association to earn money and build their loyalty to the association they were building, until Derrion was interested in joining Trey and Deqavious clique.
The Waterfront Families (WFF) formed by Trey and Deqavious to protect the group and also defend this group from attacks by various other groups around Willowfield, the Water Front Families group was also formed to carry out various criminal activities which were carried out by high-ranking officials from the Willowfield Boulevard Families group. Currently, the four of them are in control of the Water Front Families (WFF) and they are starting to be widely known around the Willowfield Street area, and they have also started to grow by recruiting members who live around Willowfield.
And now they are trying to build a new branch is Spook Town Families (STF), or Spook Towns (ST), are a branch of the Waterfront Families (WFF) that expanded to the town of Willowfield for several purposes and reasons. Among other things, the reason is to run a business, namely selling narcotic goods that they get in the Willowfield area. Not only that, the Spook Town Families also have a role as a starting place for delinquent children who try to become part of Willowfield Boulevard Families.
Until now they are trying to start running this cliques in and trying to take over half of the Willowfield area.



1. Willowfield Boulevard Families adalah fraksi dengan jenis Street Gang, dengan beranggota rata-rata orang African - American. Gang ini bermulai set pertama di Willowfield Boulevard Families. Tujuan utama gang ini mengarah ke pengedaran barang illegal dan bisnis musik rap old-school.

2. Alangkah baiknya sebelum kalian memutuskan untuk bergabung bersama kami, kami menyarankan untuk mengatahui peraturan di dalam server Jogjagamers.

3. Apabila ingin bergabung dengan kami, kami sangat menyarankan menggunakan karakter pria muda dengan rentan usia sekitar 18 - 29 tahun dan menjadi orang lokal serta tertatik dengan affilasi gang ini sendiri.

4. Faksi kami menggunakan dua bahasa yaitu bahasa Inggris. Dalam garis bawah, kami sering menggunakan bahasa Inggris dan mengutamakan Inggris dalam ber-roleplay.

5. Tidak membataskan umur IRL atau level in-game kalian kami sangat mengutamakan Character Development kalian yang kalian perankan, kami berhak untuk melakukakan "Character Killed" kepada character main kalian.

6. Jika kalian tertarik ingin bergabung dengan fraksi ini kalian dapat langsung join ke discord official kami :







Q : Kalau boleh tau ini faction apa sih?
A : Willowfield Boulevard Families faksi yang di kembangkan pada tahun 90-an dengan mengambil alur dari gang fiksi.

Q : Berarti origin dan culture factionnya African-American ya?
A : Iya betul, karena faction ini emang mayoritasnya orang African-American.

Q : Berarti bakal ada roleplay rap battle dan semacamnya?
A : betul, nantinya pasti itu bakal ada seperti rp rap battle, rp video clip, dan lainnya

Q : Saya mau join tapi gabisa bahasa inggris.
A : Disini kita semua juga masih belajar dan tidak ada yang jago, disini kita niatnya belajar bareng-bareng.

Q : Saya mau join gimana caranya?
A : Kami menerima orang dengan cara melakukan roleplay full in-game. 




Credit :
Story : @LDPWoozie @ohshitkristian
Grammarly design : @ohshitkristian
Big thanks to : @Muhammad Aditya@outlaws1@Indonesia_FcB

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