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GOU KAP WAN (高級云)  means Superior Clouds in english, is a Chinese-American Tong affiliated gang, consist of 14-29 years old ABC (American Born Chinese) and immigrants. Superior Clouds is prominent in the State of San Andreas, formed in the early 2000s by some Chinese-American youth that heavily populated in low-class apartments. it was founded to protect its members from the rampant anti-Chinese racism and prejudice that were common in America at the time.


Superior Clouds are affiliated with the Shui Fang Associates, a Tong society based on Chinatown, San Fierro, to do their dirty work for them and keep their hands clean, and still got a strong mutualistic relationship to this day. The Shui Fang Associates led by a man named Charles Yang, the 3rd Generation leader of the Shui Fang Associates in the 77s which became a place to accommodate Chinese immigrants.

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Many people with their characters forget to actually show a character, actually show their character’s emotions and it’s development towards becoming a gang banger. A lot of people who gang bang have unique stories on why they decided to join gangs whether it’s wanting power, a family, or having money, it doesn’t matter, it’s all about being unique, we highly value your character development and creativity. Somebody who joins a gang doesn’t instantly become a cold-blooded person, it takes time, you don’t shrug off a shootout or being shot at, that stuff follows you around. How you roleplay around that is up to you, it’s all about being creative and actually standing out. Many forget that you're a human, you have emotions, you're not coldblooded/emotionless. Gangbangers have a family too, gangbangers have kids too. They have actual girlfriends too. They care about them, it's not all about their lifestyle. Many people that roleplay a gang tend to forget those aspects and just shoot, sell drugs, shoot... Have a unique hustle that your character specializes in and actually have an IC goal set for your character, as in something they wants to achieve in life.









GOU KAP WAN portrays as Chinatown Gang that affiliated with Tong Associates, This faction still has an old traditions of Chinatown Gang (Ghost Shadows, Flying Dragons, Tung On, Wah Ching, etc.) with a sprinkle of current modern life. Based upon fictional and non-fictional content, - Inspired by several films, wiki pages and games. We are striving to become a big criminal organization with various turfs scattered around Los Santos.


How do you join the faction? - We dont do any OOC recruiting. We would like everything to happen strictly In character. However we will accept PM on Forum @lagiacruze & @Yopan.


  • We expect people wanting to join to be active, & we want a friendly, mature and professional atmosphere from our members. We want to be the best example on how to act ICly as OOCly.
  • If these guidelines not followed and/or broken. IC and/or OOC actions will be taken upon removing members
  • We suggest you to have (American_Chinese) youngster character that immigrated or born and raised in the US. 


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  • lagiacruze changed the title to Superior Clouds (SCS) - 优越云

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