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Broghenas De'Cartel || Chapter 𝐈: The Beginning Of The Community Growth ||


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                                           Broghennas is an American & Mexican based criminal gang, founded by Shaquillo & Decisiano Miliano in 1998
                                                                  There are fallen trees, in fallen trees they are criminals who are famous for selling
                                                                                            drugs and illegal weapons, they are a gang (De'Cartel).

BROGHANES HOOD                                                                     
This happened in 1998, a young man named Shaquillo Mc Chevailer and Decisiano Miliano, went to San Adreas to work there, they migrated to Sa Andreas (Los Santos) because their parents were no longer there, they decided to buy a house from inheritance from their respective families. After they bought a house, they immediately bought property for their housing needs, and they worked according to their respective abilities Shaquillo is a mechanic, and Decisiano is a lumberjack. They save the money they earn to use when there is an emergency. They work hard for their own needs. They work very hard and they even always come home late at night.

BRGH-GARAGEgGi7ywu.jpg After buying a house inherited from their respective families, Dan worked hard. One day Shaquillo thought about creating a community. He asked Decisiano to just create a community. Decisiano was interested in that. They immediately decorated the house with their hard-earned money, and even built a private workshop because Shaquillo already had experience as a mechanic. Every time someone passes in front of him to go to work, it is very rare for anyone to pass in front of his house, only carpenters pass by to cut down trees around Shaquillo's house, after inviting people to join his community. still growing and looking for members. After getting many members, one of the members asked what is the name of this community? And it turns out that Shaquillo and Decisiano haven't given their community a name. All members were told to gather at home to discuss giving a name to this community. After talking for a long time, one of the members, namely Dominique Matthews, who is part of the Broghenas Street community, all agreed with the name. Soon, they were all planning to buy illegal drugs and weapons to sell at higher prices to foreigners. After several months of selling goods, they heard gunshots coming from in front of their house, and it turned out they were approached by 3 foreigners who for some reason shot at that place because they felt innocent. The people inside the house took out rifles they had prepared in case an intruder came, Shaquillo climbed onto the roof of the house and shot the stranger. After they exchanged gunfire, Shaquillo went to the foreigners, and it turned out they were already dead, Shaqullo and Lagetc'y members threw the bodies of the foreigners into the sea behind their house

CHAPTER: 𝐈 The Beginning Of The Community Growth

25 years have passed after they created a club that carried out illegal transactions in 1999-2007. Now they have many members who were given tasks to Shaquillo and Decisiano. They carry out their respective tasks to get more members and make more money, even though they are targets. Their police always sell illegal goods such as drugs, weapons and so on. They have all been identified as dangerous people in Fallen Tree and Flint County. They always plan to sell goods and the police are always on patrol looking for them around Flint. and Fallen Tree, they always fight, shoot each other at the police who are targeting them, because they are all cunning, they can all escape from the police in a short time, because they have members who are ready to help when the police are chasing them. Broghenas now has the experience to make his own weapons and drugs. Because of the news that Shaquillo's friend died while being chased by the police, Broghenas also always takes people's rights, and robs farmers in Flint County to get more money.

                                 OOC INFORMATION


-Broghenas adalah De'Cartel yang berbais American & Mexican
-Ras kami cuman 1 Yaitu berkulit Putih
-Jika kalian ingin bergabung gunakan lah Chracter utama kalian, Karena bisa jadi kalian ga akan aktif
-Bahasa yang di gunakan adalah Bahas INGGRIS
-Jika mau bergabung kita harus mengetahui bangaimana cara kalian ber roleplay



                                     Quiz & Answer


Q: ini communitas apa bang?
A: Ini adalah communitas De' cartel yang berbasis American Dan Mexican

Q: Ini menerima ras apa bang?
A: Kami hanya menerima ras yang berkulit Putih

Q: Tujuan membuat communitas ini untuk apa bang?
A: Kami membuat communitas ini untuk memperlihatkan cara beroleplay kita apakah sudah terbaik dalam beroleplay atau tidak

Q: Cara gabung nya gimana bang?
A: Silahkan masuk ke discord kami untuk bergabung disana [discord.gg/neneJjjFB7]



                                   COMMING SOON




-Story Maker Team: @DANX GG @Zarken 1611
-Design Team: @Dennz_Luciano @Zarken 1611 @Kobayasi @Pace baba 
-Modding Team: @DANX GG @Dennz_Luciano @Ripki Ardiansah
Broghenas Member!!


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