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xYBrl8g.pngFor decades, the feared Adams Connection, also known as the Adams Family, had been the most powerful criminal force in the UK under the leadership of Alistair “Stack” Chatsworth. Through drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering and connections with international cartels, the Adam Family had amassed a criminal fortune of over £200 million. In the late 2000s, Alistair Chatsworth began looking to expand his criminal operations abroad. Los Santos, one of the largest busiest cities, presented many opportunities for lucrative illegal businesses. The various gangs and cartels in the city were already entrenched in drug dealing, prostitution, arms trafficking and more. Adams saw an opening to muscle in and take a slice of the massive profits being made.


He selected the Peckham Boys, the most fearsome and respected street gang in South London under his influence, to set up operations in Los Santos. Led by Nate, the Peckham Boys had been battling rival gangs for control of the drug trade in Peckham for decades through whatever means necessary. Now, they were ready to take their criminal enterprise international on orders from Alistair Chatsworth.



In 2010, the first group of Peckham Boys members secretly traveled to Los Santos. Setting up in the neglected borough of Jefferson, they quickly made their presence known through intimidation and violence. Within months, they had effectively taken over the drug markets that Mexican and Haitian gangs had previously dominated. Word of the ruthless Peckham Boys spread fast on the streets of Los Santos. Their reputation from the UK preceded them. No one wanted to get on their bad side for fear of harsh retaliation. With new recruits from the city signing up, the faction grew rapidly in size and power. Back home in London, Nathanielle Zephaniah would make frequent trips between Peckham and Los Santos to manage operations. Under their command, the Peckham Boys became deeply entrenched in various criminal rackets across the county. Billions of dollars in drug money and other illegal profits flowed back through them to Alistair Chatsworth and the Adams Connection England. A decade on, the Peckham Boys have emerged as one of the most dominant criminal powers in all of Los Santos, helping extend the global reach of the Adams Family criminal empire. Their grip on the underground economy remains tight through force and intimidation - earning them the nickname "Youngster Peckham Boys" on the streets they now control.

1LDa9g8.jpgDeep in the Alley of the Jefferson Street, an nondescript warehouse sat at the end of an empty street. Within its crumbling walls, the Peckham Boys orchestrated a criminal empire that spanned all of Los Santos. For over a decade, the gang had cemented their control over the city's drug trafficking, prostitution rings, illegal gambling, and more - all under the command of their leader, Nate. He had risen through the ranks after helping establish their presence in Los Santos on orders from Alistair Chatsworth, the legendary crime boss back in London.


While Nate maintained a ruthless grip over their day-to-day activities, the Peckham Boys answered ultimately to Adams and his Adams Connection. It was a symbiotic relationship - the gang's expanding fortunes helped grow Adams' international criminal empire in turn. On this afternoon, Nate prowled anxiously around the warehouse waiting for an important guest. When two black SUVs pulled up outside, he emerged flanked by his most trusted lieutenants - the notorious Mad X and Raver. Stepping from the vehicles was Danny "Knife-Z" Myers, an imposing enforcer who had made the long journey from England to deliver a message. As head of Adams' overseas interests, Myers wielded immense influence.


nlKbxBV.pngAfter brief greetings, Myers got straight to the point. While business in Los Santos showed no signs of slowing, their earnings failed to satisfy the insatiable ambition of Adams back home. He demanded profits increase fifty percent by year's end. Nate knew such exponential growth in their already vast operations was no small feat. Yet declining was not an option he dared consider. To appease Adams and avoid any retaliation, the Peckham Boys would need to upend the criminal status quo once more through whatever means necessary. As Myers drove away, Nate scowled at the immense challenge before him. His authority and potentially his life depended on satisfying the demands of Alistair Chatsworth across the sea. The gang's battle for power was only just beginning.





From his penthouse high above the sprawling metropolis, Nate surveyed Los Santos with a brooding gaze. For over a decade as leader of the Peckham Boys Youngsters, he had transformed the gang into the most powerful criminal force this far from home. They dominated all manner of illegal rackets that drove the city's vast underground economy. However, not all was well in their kingdom. Intense pressure from local law enforcement had tightened its grip, constricting operations and denting profits. Years of brutal turf wars with rival cartels and gangs had also pushed tensions to a boiling point. If a breaking point wasn't reached, all-out chaos threatened to engulf the streets.


vtgyEkU.pngWorrying intelligence from contacts in London only deepened Nate concerns. Troubles were brewing within the far-reaching domains of the Adams Connection back in England, the organization which had sponsored their expansion overseas. Without Adams' shield of influence, the Peckham Boys would be exposed. Nate called an urgent meeting at their fortress-like safehouse, summoning his senior elite - Mad X, Raver, Knuckles and others who had ruled beside him for years. A fierce debate ensued on their grim options. Ultimately, they recognized that only a dramatic change in strategy offered any hope of weathering the encroaching storm. After much soul-searching, Nate proposed a radical solution - a historic alliance must be forged, even with long-standing enemies. Nate devised an audacious plan, one that if successful would alter the balance of power in Los Santos forever. Contacting an up-and-coming Adams lieutenant known as Simon through secure back channels, plans were set in motion for the gathering of a lifetime. Soon, word spread like wildfire through the underworld about the imminent summit that threatened to upend all existing hierarchies. At a secluded estate within the week, the fates of all present would be decided through either partnership or peril. Dark times were closing in, and in that pivotal moment, the future would be forged.



jhHmP85.pngOutwardly the streets of Los Santos bustled as usual, but undercurrents of change were rippling through the criminal landscape. At the Peckham Boys' inner sanctum, Nate paced in agitated thought. A decade leading the gang had brought immense wealth and control over the city. But new threats now emerged on the horizon that even their sure grip could not withstand alone. The authorities' renewed crackdown squeezed operations at every turn, while infighting between crews over coveted drug corners and rackets had spiraled out of control. Just yesterday another bloody turf war erupted in the grove, threatening the fragile power balance. Most worryingly, whispered reports told of upheaval in the ranks of their overseas Godfather – the legendary Alistair Chatsworth back in London. Without the backing of Adams' empire, they risked being cut off and left exposed in the new world taking shape.


Nate knew that to endure the coming storm, old barriers must be crossed. Yet forging an alliance with former enemies across the sea seemed an impossible feat after decades of bloody rivalry between their organizations. It was then that necessity inspired an audacious solution. By convening all major players on neutral ground, a chance could emerge to address shared threats through unity rather than division. A united force would be too powerful for any foe to overmatch. Contacting Simon, an ambitious young comer in Adams' inner circle, the seeds were sown. Word soon spread of the unthinkable summit that threatened to upend their world forever. At the foretold gathering, a new order would be forged out of necessity to withstand the gathering shadows of change.



image.png.9222fe56e25405b89e491f6a676c848a.pngAfter a few months tensions were rising behind the scenes between the Peckham Boys Youngsters and their longtime benefactors in the Adams Connection back in London. Nate had just received a coded message from Alistair "Stack" Chatsworth himself expressing fury over declining profits from their Los Santos operations. Despite the Peckham Boys' stranglehold on the city's underworld, expenses from the endless turf wars and increased law enforcement pressure were eating into their illicit earnings. Alistair demanded an immediate explanation from Nate for the shortfall. He feared the once unstoppable alliance between their two criminal empires was fraying. Nate tried to rationalize the numbers, citing the escalating conflicts on the streets as the primary problem constraining their cash flows. But Alistair was unmoved, threatening to cut off all support from the Adams Connection if the revenue didn't sharply rebound in short order. 


The confrontation laid bare the diverging motivations pulling the two organizations apart. While Nate hoped to stabilize their position in Los Santos through strategic partnerships, even with former foes, Alistair's only concern was maximizing profits at all costs regardless of the consequences. Their discord put the future of their symbiotic relationship dangling by a thread. Compounding Nate's woes, an even more calamitous event was unfolding in London without his knowledge. In a daring raid after months of surveillance, law enforcement finally succeeded in apprehending Alistair Chatsworth at one of his safehouses. The shocking arrest of the criminal kingpin sent shockwaves through the Adams Connection.


Back in Los Santos, the Peckham Boys remained oblivious to the crisis, having failed to provide adequate protection for their benefactor despite assurances. Finger-pointing and accusations began flying among Nate's lieutenants about who was to blame for the catastrophic security lapse. The simmering internal conflicts, combined with Alistair's captivity, raised existential questions about whether the Peckham Boys could survive as an independent force without custody calamity. As word trickled out about the detainment of their long-time chief sponsor, Nate found himself in uncharted territory. Not only did he face intense pressure to rapidly reset operations for profitability, but the very fate of their entire criminal alliance hung in the balance. Daunting choices loomed about what path to take without the guiding hand of Alistair and the Adams Connection. Their empire suddenly teetered on the brink.



Fitzwilliam "Will" Manvers had been with the Younger Peckham Boys since the early days when they first expanded to Los Santos. Originally brought in for his keen entrepreneurial mind, Will helped the gang diversify their illicit revenue streams beyond just drugs and extortion. As tensions and turf wars escalated between rival crews, Will pushed for the Mandem to establish a legitimate front business to generate clean cash flows. He proposed opening up a popular streetwear and music distro shop in the Crenshaw district, an area they already controlled through brute force.




Despite initial skepticism from hard-liners like Nate and Mad X, Will persuaded them that having a semi-legit storefront would provide crucial cover for their underground operations. The shop could seamlessly launder illegal earnings while projecting an air of legitimacy to the outside world. With his gift for salesmanship, Will convinced the skeptics.Will leveraged his underworld connections to secure a prime retail space on Crenshaw Boulevard. Upfront capital was easily raised through siphoning cash from the drug trade. In no time at all, Will oversaw the launch of "UNRELEASED INDUSTRIES" - a slick distro shop selling urban fashion, music, and even gang-inspired merchandise. Though just a foot soldier at first, Will's commercial achievements earned him a seat at the table alongside Nate and the OG shot callers. His distro dreams had unlocked an unexpected pathway into the criminal Brotherhood's innermost circle of power and influence.


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  • If you want to join this faction or ask questions, it would be better if you join us on discord
  • We'd appreciate it if you ask us via discord first before you post your SSRP in our thread.
  • We aim to portray a realistic roleplay as a UK Drill rapper or can be called Roadmen.
  • We only accept people who understand JGRP rules and FnG rules in our faction.
  • We always use Photoshop for our screenshots, so therefore, we do highly recommend you to insist yourself to use Photoshop to make the screenshots niftier.







Credits goes to:

@Weisz @Nagase for story

@najar @Farelalhasby for picture editing

and all the members of Peckham Mandem 




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