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Goppies Park Gang


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Goppies Park Gang (GPG), or basically TopFloxks. Is a gang occupies the area around East Los Santos is a gang , most of whose members are poor and have no money, so in the end they are all forced to sell illegal goods. Apart from that, they also sell several imported shoes. Apart from that, they also often carry out illegal transactions, and in the end, they always deal with the police it's not uncommon for all of them to cause trouble in the area.


Killash Trycee is better known as the founder of the Goppies Park Gang (GPG), Killash Trycee moved to the East Los Santos area around Jefferson. One day, Killash Trycee called his friend Lamar Khooftey, better known as "L2K". also asked Lamar Khooftey to continue the illegal business that has existed for a long time, one of which is selling ilegal stuff. Killash Trycee tells Lamar Khooftey all about what happened to them before and why the Goppies Park Gang was formed. One week has passed since the shop and business managed by Killash Trycee passed into the hands of Lamar Khooftey. A lot of trouble happened there, and Lamar Khooftey never saw Killash Trycee back there again. Many asked what happened, but because Lamar Khooftey didn't know what happened, he could only smile when someone asked about Killash Trycee, but the hopes of those who wanted Killash Trycee to return to take care of the business they had built were dashed. They all heard the news. that Killash Trycee had died three days ago. Lamar Khooftey, who heard this news, felt sad and left the business they had built because Lamar Khooftey felt embarrassed because he failed to look after the Goppies Park Gang business. He chose to leave the business that his friend had entrusted to Lamar Khooftey. "This is the way of death for Goppies Park Gang".



IMG_0290.webp?ex=65674ba6&is=6554d6a6&hm=d92ae88308830e083bea8b1188eb4c4cc7da1e2aa1c864e8a41832a122d469bb&19 January 2014. after Lamar Khooftey exiled himself, he considered what he did was wrong because before Killash Trycee died, he had asked to look after the Goppies Park Gang, but he broke that promise, and then Lamar Khooftey thought about reuniting the Goppies Park Gang.  At night, Lamar Khooftey called all his friends and summoned them to the Jefferson area, and Lamar told them that he wanted to try to take over the Goppies Park Gang with some of his friends. Sergio Clinton, Tremiel Onftoy, and Jamarico Pollward started by selling some imported shoes and clothes as well as medicines. Lamar also sold several illegal weapons he made or bought from someone.


24 July 2014. After their business succeeded in selling imported shoes and several other illegal goods, their actions were finally discovered by one of the detectives, and they had to exchange fire with the police. They all managed to escape, but unfortunately, their illegal goods were all still stored in the imported shoe shop they owned. Their shop was finally closed by the police. Because their illegal business was discovered by the police, they tried to gather several people who had previously He has entered the Goppies Park Gang and has been trusted by several people in it.



29 Desember 2014. After they all managed to avoid several police officers who wanted to arrest them, they finally finalized their plan by inviting several trusted members of the previous Goppies Park Gang, but unfortunately they all didn't know where these people were. They were all looking for people named Rodger Watkins and Welkeef Grissham, these two people are also Killash Trycee's confidants. They searched for the two people for two weeks without stopping. Finally, they found the two people at once, whose place was not far from a place selling imported shoes and other illegal goods. They also offered several plans they will carry out on the Goppies Park Gang and its business, where they will all make the Goppies Park Gang better than the previous leader. The two people agree to rejoin the Goppies Park Gang, but with a different leader. The leader of the Goppies Park Gang is now Lamar Khooftey's friend and trusted person from Killash Trycee.


274158015_7259062430778465_7160228348480528869_n.png?ex=6568e84b&is=6556734b&hm=6d1e2bf0b014dc0dc06bab82e3fbda0948aa75a704b9ab7a017bc56b22f528f7&4 May 2015. They all succeeded in re-establishing the imported shoe business shop, and they also succeeded in restoring the illegal business, which helps them all in their lives at this time. They also developed several strategies so that the detectives or police would not know that where they sold illegal goods was different from where they sold shoes and imported clothes. They all believed in this idea; they were all able to sell casually and make quite a lot of money at that time, and they also collected the money from their sales to buy several supplies of weapons, which they would keep and use when their business was known. by the police, and they will all shoot each other with the weapons they have. Apart from that, they also succeeded in recruiting several new people to enter the Goppies Park Gang, "and this is the bright spot of the Goppies Park Gang", which is now led by Lamar Khooftey and may never collapse again at any time because the police could not get strong evidence to arrest them all, and if the police were to arrest them, they could all fight back, in which there wbe a shootout.



( The symbol above is a display of the Goppies Park Gang (GPG).
It's easy for anyone to get the Goppies Park Gang personality. Their style is simple and shows poverty. Apart from that, they all often use the symbols above, which are usually placed on clothes or hats. )


Goppies Park Gang (GPG) adalah gang miskin atau lebih dikenal sebagai Goppies Park Gang (GPG) kami sangat mendukung kreatifitas kalian dan krealistisan roleplay, Kami sarankan kalian untuk meroleplaykan character kalian sebagai orang yang berusia 17-20 tahun dan memiliki kehidupan yang miskin dan character kalian tumbuh besar di sekitaran daerah sisi timur los santos dan sebagai orang yang pindah dari negara lain, Bahasa inggris adalah bahasa yang kami gunakan apabila kami beroleplay. apabila kalian ingin bergabung dengan kami kalian bisa memasuki discord kami semua https://discord.gg/D6qJdYJkAM




Q: Ini fraksi apa bang trus culture nya apa?

A: fraksi yang berbasis African - American tapi kami tidak terpaku pada Crips ataupun Bloods. fraksi ini hanyalah sebuah perkumpulan anak muda yang miskin yang tinggal di jalanan. 


Q : Cara masuk sini syarat nya apa aja bang?

A : Cukup patuhi rules dari server aja kamu sudah bisa memasuki fraksi ini


Q : Cara masuk fraksi ini gimana bang?

A : Kamu masuk ke discord https://discord.gg/D6qJdYJkAM lalu isi initiations


Q : Udah private message ni bang trus gimana lagi?

A : Pastikan kamu sudah membaca guide lalu kamu bisa mencari kami secara IC ( In Character )











Credit :

Story Maker - @fahrizal @postednews

Grammar Check - @Taya

Picture Editing - @hasta gg

And all members Goppies Park Gang

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