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Freedom Midnight Racing


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Freedom Midnight is a racing car comunity that was founded in 2014, founded by two young men who had worked as a car mechanic air Niccolo name and Wahyu members Freedom Midnight Racing none are joined. Niccolo and Wahyu one job, they work at a car workshop  located in the city of Los Santos after a whole year they came out of the work is very little salary.



On a day Niccolo and Wahyu talking and how the expression in order to get money easily and more in a moment, Finally Niccolo get the bright idea they know that in the Fish Factory every night happen wild race there is often young people who gathered region it.



Niccolo and Wahyu went to the place to bring a car branded Sabre and Bring $200 Arriving there Niccolo was immediately challenged by one street racer that actually was Niccolo not want to race with him because the car street racer was very cool and fast because the car has been modified while Niccolo Sabre plain that none of the mods that are attached to the car.



Wahyu was forced to race with riders Niccolo streets it turns Niccolo want. They were heading to the starting line was dropped flag marks the start of the race, Niccolo was stepped on the gas with a very high speed. He also led the race along until finally the finish line was Niccolo win and pocketed the money bet of $ 400 Niccolo and W aHyu was very happy because it quickly gain that much amount of money in one race.



They often come to the place every night for the race in order to earn a lot of money. Every night they always win and earn a lot of money. The audience was very impressed because they often win these young men would want to join the Freedom Midnight Racing Revelation Niccolo and accepted it gladly. Linger Freedom Midnight Racing in the form of a growing number of community members who joined in the race car.



Members of the Freedom Midnight Racing often races precisely area of Los Santos. Every night they take to the streets, they often nicknamed "Satan ruling the streets" they were greatly feared by society because they often carry guns. Smapai now Freedom Midnight Racing was victorious and famous.





Members of the Freedom Midnight Racing often do racing on the highway at night. They often also rob with firearms. The voices of their car engine disturbing the public because it is very hard. They often close the road to race their cars. And they often use drugs and drink-liquor.







-Origin Free.
-Must Have a sports car.
- Understand basic RP this faction.






-Hargain Admin/Helper yang ada.

-Dilarang break rules

-Saling menghargai sesama player Jogjagamers Roleplay.

-Jika kurang paham tentang faction ini bisa anda baca di 






















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