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Lostrada Motorcycle Club - CHAPTER I : Rise From Adversity


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Lostrada Motorcycle Club is a club in which the average white and brown skinned people come from America and Mexico, the average age of its members is 19-34 years old, Lostrada accepts female and male members, but the requirements for entry into Lostarada are to dare to do good, maintain the good name of the club, be ready to die for the club, and for those who betray the club the members do not hesitate to beat the traitor and maybe they will kill him.



samp-16-07-2023-06-43-21.png     Lostrada Motorcycle Club, a one percenter based club located in an area far from residential areas, Bone County was chosen as a place for young men who have a hobby of motorcycling. A formidable force against the bastards who deviate from morals and ethics, has a goal that wants to hold the West Los Santos region, there are no sycophants and thirst for the blood of power this club is said to be cruel and very closed to the public no one dares to disturb this club. President Lostrada is the decapitator of destruction making the club more and more attached to its one percenter base, The members of Lostrada are former members of a motorcycle club in San Fiero that disbanded because the Vice President had a stubborn nature and disbanded it They conspired and stayed away from Jezery Wyatt Vice President of their old motorcycle club he killed, banished Wyatt to a place far away on the high seas They also made a motorcycle club that was very different from the previous motorcycle club Lostrada which was led by a President who was respected and respected by other members, They hated Wyatt's arrogant and stubborn nature, forcibly disbanding their old club and forgetting the members and abandoning the former club members who used to reside in San Fiero, a new beginning from the negotiations of the members and officials of the former motorcycle club they decided to create a famous club, the Lostrada Motorcycle Club which was very cruel on the streets killing poor robbers distributing them among the people who did not have much wealth seizing food stores and not hesitating to kill the club intruders, Lostrada hated black people not all black people were bad but from Lostrada's vision that black people were a dangerous threat to this club.



20230728-221750.jpg     The tragedy of the night of July 19, 2018 the dissolution of the motorcycle club in San Fiero all members were disappointed with the nature of its Vice President, Wyatt. They were in a state of great disappointment and anger, all members attacked Wyatt with various blunt blows and dragged him to the corner of the land or beach in San Fiero, Dawguillio who felt he was enslaved by him shot Wyatt in the head by saying "A leader is an example for subordinates, maturity is not seen from his age but from his feelings towards his interlocutors, see you in hell", these words made all former club members touched for a moment and Dawguillio fired a 2. 0mm bullets from a Glock17 rifle hit Wyatt in the head and torso and he breathed his last on the spot. With no humanity towards Wyatt they slashed his skin and threw him into the ocean and left. It didn't take long for the incident to be smelled by the San Andreas police all former club members became fugitives from a police battalion they all tried to exile themselves behind a hill in Bone County where it was quiet and rarely visited by humans. The former members live and survive in exile, Dawguillio tries to talk to all the former members to agree to the creation of the Lostrada Motorcycle Club.



   August 2, 2018 after the dissolution and murder, they created the famous motorcycle club Lostrada M. C club that is proficient in the field of drug trafficking illegal weapons manufacturing, the round of determining the structure of Lostrada members Church meeting began various vote submissions from Dawguillio that he noted, decided to elect Lostrada Vice President Johanes Flavius, SGT AT ARMS - Roberto Calasnicov, SECRETARY - Thiago Arboleda, TREASURER - Dexter Alexander, ROAD CAPTAINS - Roberto Almero, LADIES - Kelly Angels, and several members such as Paton Effrem, Chaddrick Swarchengger, Trayone Emmanuel, Aldebaran Decaprio. This section is very important for the progress of the club, the President's confidant who was able to fill this patch, from a farm laborer's son and a former Los Santos official joined and deepened Lostrada M.C, it was very hard for them to forget the old club but what else a Wyatt who disbanded it and they have hated his nature from the past but now because there is Lostrada they are able to express their hobby here Wyatt is calm in hell, - said Dawguillio during an interview by San Andreas reporters. The Lostrada Motorcycle Club has recently taken the public media by storm. They do good to the village community by distributing all the proceeds from donations to underprivileged people living alone from children to the elderly, making Lostrada the first motorcycle club to get a charter and stamp from the police, because of the trust of the community and the San Andreas police, Lostrada was able to easily find a name and became famous throughout Los Santos, various kinds of people from America and Mexico joined this club they learned a lot about this club one by one the parts of Lostrada got the right to protect the community, one percenter is just an ordinary letter not with their cruelty but instead the Lostrada club President made this club a mecca for other clubs to do good to the underprivileged community. 


Story and Checking Grammar's : @marjucky

MOdding and Others : @Rega Assegaf

Handle Outsider : @dumbvenus & @ahmad112008 

and thanks support for all crew Lostrada M.C


  • Lostrada M.C adalah sebuah klub motor yang bersemayam di daerah Bone County klub ini berhasil bangkit dari keterpurukan yang sulit di nalar, dahulu mereka hidup di daerah San Fiero dan terjadi sebuah keserakahan keras kepala salah satu petinggi dari klub motor itu dan membuat President mereka membubarkannya lalu mengumpulkan semua kru klub tersebut dan mempersatukannya kembali di Lostrada M.C klub yang memilikki culture American dan Mexico ini berkendara di jalanan menggunakan sepeda motor milik mereka, di sini kami membuat sebuah faksi klub motor yang 99% orang taat aturan dan kami adalah 1% dari mereka yang tidak taat aturan, solidaritas klub sangat penting, rata rata umur dari anggotanya antara 19 hingga 34 tahun, dan bagi kalian ingin bergabung dengan kami sebelumnya baca baca dulu tentang guide roleplay M.C supaya kalian paham.


  • Untuk penggunaan bahasa roleplay, kami menggunakan dua bahasa yaitu Inggris dan Indo baku, namun kami lebih memprioritaskan kalian untuk menggunakan bahasa inggris supaya roleplay terlihat detail dan menarik. Bagi kalian yang belum bisa atau paham dengan bahasa inggris kalian bisa belajar dan ingin mengetahui tentang penggunaan bahasa inggris, kami di sini juga masih belajar dalam berbahasa inggris dan untuk kedepannya kami akan terus memprioritaskan penggunaan bahasa inggris dalam beroleplay.



Q: Bang  ini Families apa?

A: Ini adalah tempat perkumpulan klub motor di mana kalian wajib menggunakan motor Freeway atau Wayfarer dan di klub ini kalian bisa belajar bareng atau kalian kesepian tidak ada temen kalian bisa bergabung di klub ini.


Q: Bang gimana cara join klub ini?

A: Gampang kok selagi kalian ngerti tentang roleplay tentang klub motor kalian bisa bergabung dengan kami.


Q: Bang kalau tidak ngerti bahasa inggris tetapi aku ingin bergabung gimana bang?

A: Santai kita disini sama sama belajar tidak ada yang bisa kecuali kita tidak belajar, jadi jangan ragu untuk bergabung. Kalian bisa kok pakai bahasa indo baku tapi kalian harus mau belajar penggunaan bahasa inggris ya.


Q; Bang saya origin/culture ic nya kulit hitam bang apakah boleh bergabung disini?

A: Waduh, maaf banget nih bukan tidak boleh bergabung tetapi kami menolak ras yang berkulit hitam, karena kami faksi klub motor yang berasal dari Mexico dan American dan rata rata di dalamnya orang berkulit putih, jadi pikir pikir lagi ya guys..


Q: Bang saya level nya kecil dan belum di acc CS ku apakah saya boleh bergabung disini?

A: Boleh, asalkan kalian paham cara ber-roleplay menjadi seorang biker one percent, kalian bisa bergabung disini.


Q: Oke nih bang saya sudah paham tentang apa itu Lostrada MC, terus saya Approachnya dimana?

A: Buat Approachnya kalian bisa temui kami secara ic atau bisa bergabung ke discord resmi kami : https://discord.gg/r4c2st7Jg6








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