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[CN] Taylor_Kylee

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ID UCP: Dope
Old Name: Taylor_Kylee
New Name: Martin_Pappalardo
Origin: Florence, Italy
Screenshot Charity:




Bukti Jail:


Reason: Taylor Kylee is a San Andreas Government Service . Taylor heard the news of her husband's friend her husband was killed by Austie , 2 weeks already her husband leaving Taylor, Taylor no desire to kill Austie , 2 weeks later, Taylor meet Austie at Jefferson and Taylor killed Austie in place . 1 Week later Kenny calling Taylor to meet him in Las Venturas , Kenny tells Taylor that the killing of her husband not Austie but Kenny, Kenny kill husband Taylor because her husband is useless and can't believe it . Because Kenny knows that Taylor who killed Austie , Taylor got shot by his friend Kenny in the head as he'd done to Austie

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This topic is now closed to further replies.