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Jefferson Boys


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Jefferson Boys was formed December 12, 2015, and was founded by Ismael Brother, Tryshawn Ismael, Jayden Ismael, and Ellioth Ismael. Jefferson Boys often known as (JB) is a street gang African-American around Jefferson Most of the members were 18-26 years old, and this gang portrays young boys have economic limitations and forced for did illegal activities like drugs trafficking, extortion, robbery, and some murder around Jefferson neighborhood and Jefferson Boys has a reputation as one of the most famous Street gang who sells many Cocaine in Los Santos and murders around Jefferson neighborhood.






"Los Santos Bulletin News"   




  Jefferson Boys is the most famous street gang in Los Santos they do some illegal acts drugs trafficking, extortion, robbery, and some murder in the neighborhood from 2016 until 2018, their crime was highlighted by the public because of the police on December 17, 2019 arrested behind all incident the name Tryshawn Ismael as one of the founders Jefferson Boys and behind the gang war in 2017 and the spread of narcotics in Los Santos, illegal stuff, smuggling allat he did at the bar located in Jefferson Avenue Tryshawn Ismael was jailed for 3 years with a fine 10,000$.


  In begging of 2023 Tryshawn Ismael has free from prison in San Andreas Correctional Facility (SACF) Tryshawn Ismael now Back to leading Jefferson Boys and some business after Jayden Ismael was lead Jefferson Boys gang, all the boys connection had loss contact after Tryshawn Ismael was Imprisoned, and left the Liquor business and Tryshawn Ismael rebuild the gang, the connection, the business again.









LA Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels.

Jefferson Boys Gang they identifying themselves with sportwear symbols from some sport teams.



faction ini mengambarkan Street gang yang di ambang kemiskinan yang memaksakan mereka untuk menjadi pengedar narkoba di sekitar Jefferson dan faction ini memiliki object roleplay yaitu Liquor, untuk lebih jelas nya silahkan liat storry dengan jelas dan jika ingin join bisa pm saya @FEDS.



Credit: Storry @FEDS designs @fatih56 @VeaRus



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