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Chain's Coffin Motorcycle Club


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Chain's Coffin Motorcycle Club is a 1% motorcycle club that represents the locals who reside in the Jefferson Motel. The majority of the club's members are unemployed youths who need protection and support. They also run a narcotics business to sustain their livelihoods. The youth came from different background, brokenhome kid, drug addict dad etc this Club started on 2017 founded by african american teenager named Brylee Shawquinlee.



    The club started in early 2017 when it was called Chain's Brothers. It was not a motorcycle club but only a collection of youths who shared an interest in motorbikes. Chain's Brothers comprised four friends named Kara, Camacho, Saneca, and Bianco. They were teenagers who had lived at the Jefferson Motel since childhood. They formed the group to protect the motel from gang conflict. The group was led by a person named Brylee, an African-American teenager who was fed up with the gang issues in Jefferson. Brylee came up with the idea to make a fight club on the motel's rooftop. The fight club was for gathering all the gangs to fight instead of using guns. The club became popular, and at the beginning, only two gangs fought: a Mexican group called 90 Nortenos and a skinhead named Gryonka Brother. The fight club went well, but then a member of the 90 Nortenos named Julio challenged Brylee to a fight. Kara denied the offer as he knew Brylee would kill the man, but Julio underestimated Brylee and called him a chick. Brylee then fought and beat Julio, killing him. Julio's friends ganged up on Brylee, and the Skinhead and Chain's Brother fought them off. They ran away from the motel when someone reported the incident to the police. The police came, and although everyone ran away, Brylee fell to the ground, and they arrested him. Brylee was arrested for assault and murder and spent 2.5 years in jail.Image

In late 2019, Jang Harmon, a college dropout from Houston, Texas, moved to Los Santos. Feeling confused about what to do there, he eventually settled in Jefferson and encountered a group called Chain's Brother. This group was founded by four people named Kara, Camacho, Emery, and Bianco. Initially, they did not agree with Jang wanting to live there, so Jang left the motel. However, three days later, Jang returned to the motel and witnessed Chain's Brother in a conflict with a Mexican group called 90 Nortenos. The Mexican group sought revenge for the death of their member, Julio, and they beat up the members of Chain's Brother. Jang intervened and used a cutter from his jacket to stab some of the Mexican men. The Mexican group thought that Jang was a crazy psychopath, and they ran away. Jang then helped the Four Brother to wake up, and they expressed their respect for him as their savior from the tragedy. Jang introduced himself and spoke with the Four Brother, asking why they had a conflict with 90 Norteno. Kara explained everything to Jang about their past grievances with the group.




      After spending two years in prison, Brylee was finally released. He returned as a changed and more calm person, wishing to avoid any more trouble. Brylee had been haunted by the memory of killing Julio and had kept it a secret from everyone. Upon his return to the motel, he met Jang and introduced himself. Jang already knew who he was and welcomed him as a friend. On November 21, 2020, Jang had a birthday party at the motel. Three hours into the celebration, gunshots were heard outside. Everyone grabbed their guns, and they discovered that 90 Norteno had staged the shooting to lure them outside. A shootout occurred between Chain's Brothers and 90 Norteno. Brylee tried to convince them to go inside, but they continued the shootout. 90 Norteno eventually fled, and they all went back inside to continue the party. Unfortunately, during the party, Brylee overdosed, and he was rushed to the hospital. Despite their efforts, Brylee could not be saved. Everyone was devastated, and they planned to seek revenge against 90 Norteno. However, Kara reminded them that Brylee would not have approved of this. They decided to cancel the payback plan. At Brylee's funeral, everyone lifted the coffin in his honor. Jang had an idea to start a new motorcycle club named Chain's Coffin MC as a symbol of respect for Brylee. After the funeral, they broke into an Indian Motorcycle dealer in Jefferson and claimed it as their territory. They have been successful since then and became known as Chain's Coffin MC.


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