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Black counter origin


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Black origin Counter which is often called "BOC 3 BROTHER GANG" is a street gang that works in the world of drugs trafficking and human trafficking
groups. this gang formed by Tray "Tryshawn Ismael" "Ishaq Kareem" and "Jamal Moalek" this street gang was created in 1987 when discrimination was rife people, this street against African-American gang consisted of Affrican-Americans who were looking for justice average age in this gang "17 to 34".


Full story Of BOC

but in 1990s they were hit by poverty which hampered their economy which forced them to find a business to make a living for them,

"Tryshawn Ismael" OG proposed to sell cocaine because at that time drugs trafficking was rampant due to the money crisis they tried to find supply

Cocaine from other Street alleys that sold it cheaper to resell to people brilliant ideas that made the economy increase, they usually

selling individually on city streets if one of them meets they will not interact because of the rules of street drugs Trafficking "Don't waste time

that way it's effective at tricking detectives into finding their crime.



WHAT IS DOWNTOD SIDE? Downton side is a branch of drug distribution in the city center right on the street, Downton side has been established since 1991 after the crisis money they call INSIDER in Downton is Downton boy, HOW INSIDER DOWNTON WORK? usually they sell used CDs at overpriced with that usually people know that it's not just a CD but contains Cocaine heroin Marijuana that has been packaged in small quantities. 


WHAT USUALLY INSIDER DOING? Usually when afternoon they make a group on street walk and hang out make a chill and Evening they strats to sell'n some cocaine and something like that and usually they have strap for protect self, and they are'nt like make a some beef with people around Downton.



"they have tattoos on their hands of a cross with jesus on the cross" and marry as black people because they hate white American then they claim they are the most holy people and all their deeds are noble things and they prioritize themselves when they act on drug trafficking "shut up your big mouth and make some paper" that's their main motive because the top officials used to have a crisis money they usually using long pants with style gang shit bandana on pocket, they have some slang gang shit like   usually gang shit using slang like:


beef: have some trouble 

finger : Identfy someone/local around neighborhood

pack heat : carry strap/gun




1. mengikuti rules server

2. tidak boleh /b saat kondisi rp ushakan tidak /b 

3. melarang keras program ke 3/2 

4. karakter ic harus Affrican-American dan berusia 17-25 tahun saya sarankan

and you can personal message with @FEDS @VeaRus @fatih56







Q:ini fng roleplay apasih?

A: fng ini ber roleplay sebagai orang kulit hitam yang mencari keadilan dan bekerja di side drugs trafficking.


Q: berati origin nya harus apa bang?

A: saya sarankan untuk Affrican American


Q: saya gabisa bahasa inggris gimana dong?

A: bullshit dengan sejalan nya waktu kamu akan bisa bahasa inggris dan kami juga sama sama belajar kok.


Q:  cara approach nya gimana?

A:  kalian bisa membuat cara approach dengan hal apapun entah sebagai pelanggan atau pemuda yang suka hangout di jalanan dan lain lain nya.


Credit by: @FEDS @VeaRus @fatih56

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