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King's Cartel

Dante Carlos

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     It's been seven years since Dante Carlos went to the city of Los Santos after the attack on his father's cartel rivals in Mexico, Ciudad Juarez. Dante Carlos already had many friends while he lived in the city of Los Santos, including Travis Kennedy, whom he considered his own brother. Dante Carlos, who is heavily influenced by alcohol and drugs, becomes unstable in controlling his emotions and gets closer to a very dark world. In an unstable emotional state, Dante Carlos expressed his deepest desire from the bottom of his heart to Travis Kennedy about wanting to be like a father.

image.png.9d2501c792a5bd4aa062123141b49dc1.pngDante Carlos.

     More precisely, on May 1, 2023, Dante Carlos and his best friend Travis Kennedy discussed his drunkenness last night and said that it was very possible for Dante Carlos to be like his father because Dante Carlos had the same blood and expertise in terms of shooting or concocting illegal drugs. Dante Carlos was happy to hear what Travis said and immediately called his friends to gather in order to create an organization for buying and selling illegal drugs and weapons. Dante Carlos, Travis Kennedy, and some of his friends went to see the places recommended by Travis for his first business.

 image.png.714cadcc5edd01588841720e409ae22e.pngTravis Kennedy.image.png.ba7ffcacc75011d6c0dcce3537349b64.pngKC Place.

     Along with the smooth running of Dante Carlos' finances and his savings while he was working as a mechanic, he and his friends together founded their cartel. And they gave the name of their place as KC Place. King's Cartel's journey begins.



King's Cartel is a Mexican-American gang, mostly fond of heavy metal music and dressing up as rockers. They are very happy with weapons and drugs and oppose the government's distribution and trading regulations. And if you want to join King's please come in https://discord.gg/f8ay5s6y by filling out the existing form, or PM @Dante Carlos.



Q: ini fraksi apa si bang?
A:  Fraksi yang berbasis Amerika-Mexico, Kami tidak terpaku menjual senjata dan obat-obatan ilegal saja karena kamu punya permasalah juga dengan kelompok lain, jadi tidak terpaku. 

Q: Bang gue ga bisa bahasa Inggris gmana nih?
A: Kita pun semua belajar bro, selagi kamu mau berusaha dan mau belajar, ayo sama-sama.

Q: Gimana caranya masuk fraksi ini bro?
A: Silahkan masuk ke Discord yang tertera untuk tahap selanjutnya, dan isi Formulirnya 

Q: Saya udah masuk Discord dan PM discord nya, terus dimana saya bisa pendekatannya?
A: Anda bisa mencari kami Secara IC (( IN Character )) 

Best wishes for:

- @FEDS for support mod and kerjanya.

- @Dante Carlos For Story dan lain sebagainya.

- 9 member in King's Cartel. atas kerja kerasnya yang selama ini kita lakukan bersama .


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