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19th black tombstone LC avenue


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19th black tombstone NY avenue was built by a black man skinned Williams Mctravist. Because he want to help and united every homeless black man and have a pathetic life. So Will with all his friends makes an organisation that’s called 19th black tombstone NY avenue.



19th black tombstone NY avenue was built from a long times ago, and the member has become old. So Will decided to recruit a new member and find a new leader too. Will makes a competition to decided who is the next leader, and who can join this organisation. The first person that follow the competition was Jackson Mctravist son of Williams Mctravist, he’s the winner of the competition too and have enough tactic to lead the new member.

Williams give all the rights as the leader to Jackson. But under Jackson lead, 19th black tombstone NY avenue become wild they destroy everythings that considered as a barrier, and do everything to makes money. The elder gets mad to Jackson, they didn’t like the way Jackson lead. So Jackson and his friends goes to Los Santos and make a new gangster squad that’s called 19th black tombstone LC avenue. Yeah the name is almost same, buts the way is totally different.



-Understand and know the basic of Roleplay

-Understand and know the Rules in Jogjagamers Roleplay

-Don't Breakrules

-Respect to All player and staff JG:RP

-Use character origin african-american

-You have to increase your common sense



-Just take ICly

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