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Caruthers Racing Team 2.0


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  Caruthers Racing Team 2.0 is an USA-Japan youth association founded by Douglas Caruthers, he formed a club with several homies. On March 1, the club was founded by one man, Douglas Caruthers. This club is based on modern road racing, in this club they have several other car club alliances.

One day Douglas Caruthers was discussing with some old friends to build a car community in Los Santos, this community to be more precise near the Vinewood pom, then Douglas Caruthers took the initiative to recruit several people who had something in common. hobby. This community doesn't see anything and doesn't discriminate and doesn't discriminate against age, so you can enter this community without exception.

CHAPTER 1 : Recuitment For New Member
After Caruthers Racing Team 2.0 was formed, Douglas Caruthers began to actively advertise and offer ordinary citizens who are passionate about JDM cars to join Caruthers Racing Team 2.0. After several offers to residents.
                            CHAPTER 2 : Wish For The Best                                 
 One day when the top brass of Caruthers Racing Team 2.0 got together, suddenly one of them had a very good idea. Then he conveyed the idea to his other colleagues, the result of the idea was "Strive to be the best among the best". This aims to improve the quality of the car club so that it becomes one of the most famous car clubs among the others. Then there was one colleague who gave advice, his suggestion is that this club hold a Training Race every few days so that club members have their own talents. After a few minutes, they all agreed that the Training Race would be held on a certain day. Then they immediately gave the information to all members so that all members could take part in the event.
            CHAPTER 3: Program To Collaborate                 
  When the Leader and Co-Leader were talking on the verandah of Douglas Caruthers' flat, they were discussing cooperation with several car clubs in Los Santos. They are figuring out which clubs they will invite to collaborate with the Caruthers Racing Team 2.0 Club they currently own. After browsing the search results in several areas, they found a car club that they thought they could work with. Then Douglas Caruthers thought about inviting the club to collaborate with Caruthers Racing Team 2.0. However, the club turns out to have an illegal side job. And finally Douglas Caruthers 2.0 did not work with the club, after that Douglas Caruthers looked for several clubs in Los Santos to work together.


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